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Senior Citizen Tax Exemption

  • SENIOR CITIZEN TAX EXEMPTION: The deadline is June 30th for filing an exemption for this year. If you already receive the exemption, it is automatically renewed.

    The process to Apply for the Measure T exemption online:

    • Website: Online Application Portal (OAP.SCI-CG.COM)
    • Register for a secure account by providing an email address and password
    • Complete the online application
    • Upload the required documents:
      • Ownership verification: A current property tax bill indicating property ownership
      • Age verification: A valid California Driver’s License, Identification Card, or passport.
      • Occupancy Verification: A current utility bill in the applicant's name with the service address.
      • (SSI/SSDI only) Benefits verification Letter: A current Benefits Verification Letter may be obtained by calling the Social Security Administration at (800) 772-1213.

    An email confirmation will be sent once the application has been submitted and another email will be sent once the application has been approved.

    Please note that we are no longer accepting applications via email.

    If you have questions about the exemption or online portal, please contact  (844) 332-0549 or email: OAPSupport@sci-cg.com.

    The process to Apply for the Measure T exemption by mail:

     OAP Flyer   Paper Application