Welcome to College and Career Pathways!

    The national discourse on high school reform is increasingly focused on the role of career and technical education in preparing all students for success in both postsecondary education and the workforce. High schools are moving away from the stand-alone vocational courses of the past, into which students with lower academic achievement or perceived potential were often channeled. Our Pathways goal is to link career-technical education, rigorous academic coursework, and experiences that show students the relevance of education to their future, while teaching them the academic and employability skills they need to be successful in both college and career. 


    STUDENT OUTCOMES: Pathways students consistently demonstrate:

    • Higher student achievement
    • Increased rate of graduation and entrance to college
    • Reduced drop out rates
    • Preparedness for the workforce with solid career skills
    In 2016, 97.5% of pathway students graduated, compared to a district average of 84.7%. In 2016, 86% of pathway student grads planned to continue their education, compared to 80% grads district-wide. 92% of Pathway students visited with career professionals at work. 39% had opportunities for internships.
    BUSINESS AND COMMUNITY SUPPORT: A sustainable broad‐based community coalition of business and civic leaders exists to provide support for and monitor college and career pathway implementation and align them to the local economic and workforce development needs.