• Made up of parents, business owners, and community leaders, the 7-11 Committee will review and analyze property owned by West Contra Costa Unified School District. They will advise and determine what existing property is not needed for school purposes. The Committee will present a report to the Board of Education that includes recommendations for the surplus property. It is expected that the Committee will be in place by early Fall, 2021 and will complete its work by December, 2021.





Contact Us

  • Robert McEntire, Ed.D.
    Interim Chief Business Officer

    Luis Freese
    Associate Superintendent, Facilities, Maintenance, and Bond

Meeting Dates

  • All meetings are remote (virtual meetings) until further notice. 

    • TBD, 2021 - Organizational Meeting
    • TBD, 2021
    • TBD, 2021 
    • TBD, 2021  
    • TBD, 2021 - Final meeting

Meeting Notes


  • What is the 7-11 Committee?

  • What are the responsibilities of the committee?

  • Who can join the committee?

  • How many members are in the committee?