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  • From the Principal's Desk: Week of January 29th

    Posted by Paul Mansingh on 1/27/2018

    Greetings Hercules High School, here we are already into the last few days of January and roll into the month of February. Many things are planned for the short month of February and we hope that you can join in as we celebrate Black History Month.

    January 31st is our Academic Night, the March of Scholar’s presentation will be in the gym. At Hercules High School we have 458 students earning a 3.0 or above for the 1st semester. That equals 48% of our student body who have earned a 3.0 or above! Over all we have 101 9th grade, 109 10th grade students, 108 11th grade and the class with the most honor roll recipients is the 12th grade class with 140 students earning a 3.0 and above!  We will be honoring these individuals at our academic night on January 31st, starting at 6:30pm in the gym.  Each student will receive an academic Medal of Honor as well as a Certificate of Excellence.  Come out and join us in the March of Scholars!  Congratulations to all of our Titan Scholars who have earned honor roll.

    Our Black Student Union is planning their annual poetry slam for February 7th and a spectacular night performance on February 16h, so make sure you save the date and come out and join us in celebrating black history month. 

    Seniors, Class of 2018!  This is your year!  Have you completed your service learning component required to graduate?  Information on service learning opportunities can be discussed with any staff member.

    Yearbooks are currently on sale! They can be purchased through the school cashier.

    1st day for spring sports is February 5th. All registration and paperwork may be submitted online. Athletic participation information can be viewed on our school website. If you have any questions, please see Mr. Grecco.  All athletes participating in spring sports are encouraged to purchase an ASB card through the cashier’s window for $65. The ASB card supports the cost of all student extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.

    Technology Based Learning has been a focus for us throughout this school year.  We now have approximately over 900 tablets in circulation. The intent is for each student to bring their tablets to school every day, just as they would bring pencil, paper, and notebook.  All teachers will be working on implementing some sort of lesson or activity that involves the use of these tablets.  It is very important that we monitor our student’s use of technology. Please check in with your students, view their browsing history, and check their social media accounts for appropriate use, even check in with whom there are texting.  At no time should students feel that their use of technology is set on private, we want them to be aware of the appropriate use of technology so we don’t find ourselves in an unexpected predicament with consequences that affect their academic focus.

    A couple of items that we would like your support with: 

    • Students are not to receive food from outside vendors or food purchased from outside vendors are not to be dropped off for students throughout the school day.
    • Closed Campus Policy: Once a student is dropped off at school or arrives to school they are not to leave campus for any reason. This includes unauthorized trips to the parking lot.  If at any time a student needs to leave campus they need to check out at student services office.  Please remember that the student parking lot is off campus.

    Throughout the 2nd semester, we will be encouraging all students to come to school as if they were reporting to work.  This means that they present themselves throughout the school day with a focus that will earn an academic pay check. Pants/ shirts, and all clothing need to be worn correctly without undergarments or excessive skin showing. We can’t get academically paid if we are not present to all classes on time. All students should be on campus by 8:10am, so they are not late to 1st period. Thank you for all your efforts to get all students on campus by 8:10am.


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