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  • Kennedy High and Middle College similarities

    Like Middle College, Kennedy students will be taking Contra Costa College courses beginning in the freshman year in high school.  Like MCHS, Kennedy students will take seminar classes to support them in rising to the college-work standards. 

    With the incredible resource that the Fab Lab brings to Kennedy, the team there has developed Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering pathways to compliment the already successful Information Technology pathway.
    So while it may be some time before half the Kennedy High seniors graduate with an Associate of  Arts degree the way that half the Middle College students do now, it’s not unreasonable to predict that more than half the Kennedy High class of 2020 will have a full year of college credit when they graduate.


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  • Click Here to View the Core Values for DeJean Middle Students

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  • Family, Fun, and Fitness

    FaCommunity Working Out at Dejean Middle milies, come and work out with your children and learn techniques. Our excellent PE teachers will take you and your family through a 40 minute work. We have 50 spaces open, and it is on a first come first serve basis.

    Bring comfortable clothes and work out shoes, along with a bottle of water. 

    Tuesday, September 12, 2017
    5:30-6:15 pm
    Multi-Purpose Room


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Principals' Message

  • Welcome to Lovonya DeJean Middle School

    Posted by Mr. McGee, Principal, Lovonya DeJean Middle School on 10/20/2017
    Dear Lovonya DeJean Middle School Family Member,
    Welcome to the 2017-18 school year. We are excited to usher in the new school year and look forward to seeing you!
    We are looking forward to providing a rigorous educational program for your student, and challenging them academically, all in preperation for high school which will be their pathway to college and career. Our school offers a full academic program with traditional core classes, enriched by electives such as band, engineering, and career pathways exploration. We host an after school program for children to receive additional assistance with homework as well as enrichment classes.

    Together, we can help your student be successful in middle school, all the while preparing them for their high school adventure along with exposing them to ideas about college and career. Feel free to contact me, knowing that email will be the best way…understand that my first priority is DeJean students and being out on campus.

    On behalf of Vice Principal Ms. Valdez, Instructional Specialist Mr. Lobaco, the faculty and staff of DeJean Middle, and the WCCUSD, welcome to the 2017-18 school year.

    In solidarity,

    Mr. McGee
    Principal, Lovonya DeJean Middle School
    Home of the Mighty Alpha Wolves 
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  • Principal:
    Mr. William McGee
    Vice Principal: 
    Ms. Athena Valdez
    Instructional Specialist: 
    Mr. Mark Lobaco
    Executive Director:
    Mr. Adam Taylor

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