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  • Welcome to the Harbour Way Academy Website

    Harbour Way Academy, an Elementary Community Day School, is located in an industrial, lower income residential community. Harbour Way Academy is physically located in two portables, a double and a single. Housed in the large, double portable are two separate classrooms where two teachers and two instructional assistants teach grades 4-6. There is also a library, a counseling center, and two computer centers. The Single portable houses the primary grades 1-3, one teacher and two instructional assistants.

    In the Harbour Way environment, students are provided the opportunity to learn appropriate behaviors, thereby, becoming self-motivated and internally balanced for their return to a regular educational program. Our continued focus is to prepare confident, successful students, who will strive to become productive, contributive members of society. At Harbour Way Academy, we believe in the principle, “All Students Can Learn”. Based on this concept, there will be no failures at Harbour Way Academy, because the Program will be adapted to meet the individual needs of each student. We believe that Harbour Way Academy is the “cutting edge” of teaching methodology and learning technology, where students can and are becoming “WINNERS”. Necessarily, learning will and does take place in an environment, in which the diversity of each person is valued and celebrated, and all stakeholders are treated with dignity and respect.

    The Harbour Way Academy staff is committed to helping students be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and productive citizens. We are committed to the goal of students becoming knowledgeable about subjects taught and, simultaneously, learning how to acquire, evaluate, and integrate information. Literacy throughout the curriculum is the school’s focus.

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