• Football goes to Middletown for North Coast

    Spartan Football is on a roll, and would love to have you join the fun, Friday night, November 15 at Middletown High School (Lake County). North Coast issues post season bids to the best in leagues throughout the North State. We are in division VI which pits us against schools of similiar populations and competitive success. One of the things that makes NCS so fun is the opportunity to square off against unfamiliar opponents in new climes. The game at Middletown promises to provide much of both. The Mustangs were unbeaten league champions and earned the number three seed and the right to host the game. We plan on seeing the team off around 2:30 on Friday and will try to leave shortly after school lets out. The Spartans who own a 5-1 league record hope to win their first NCS game in over five years. If the Blue and Gold prevail it is semifinal action next weekend. And potentially an even further road trip. We got shotgun! Go Spartans!

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  • Hall Sweeps move the Students Along

    Not every student needs a push to get into every class, but when we have the hallways filled with students after the bell rings, it tells us that more imperative steps must be taken. Students have seven minutes to pass between classes. When we were in portables, some of those treks took that long. Now that all but a handful of classes are in the same building, maybe, not so much. But there are still students whether moving slowly, socializing intensively or locker combination remembering, we run an occasional "hall sweep' to hustle them to class. We have dedicated the week of Nov 12-15 to hall sweeps every period to ensure that all classes be full and ready to start on time. Naturally, we would prefer for students to master the skill of punctuality from the start. But if the students need a little boost, this is the week. Swept students must serve a 30-minute detention by week's end, or face a more time consuming (3 hour) Saturday school. We are committed to maximizing your students time in class. Encourage them to do so, so that their time is spent best for all concerned.

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  • Sports Week and Athlete of the Week

    Victoria Duenas '21 is our athlete of the week for her scalding time in the three mile run last week at the Tri County Athletic League finals. Victoria ran the distance in 24 minutes, meaning a sustained eight minute mile. That's fast! With that finish, Dueans earned a personal record and recognition for her outstanding feat (and feet). This week, Spartan football is on the road. The team which finished a 5-1 league record is traveling to Middletown High School to play the Mustangs for a 7:00 p.m. kickoff. While that is going on, we also have tryouts for wrestling. That will be in the little gym after school. And basketball boys will break the seal on the new gym with an Alumni Game at our gym Friday night. Boys and Girls soccer are deep into their practice routines and girls basketball as well. We are moving into Winter Sports next week, and every moment counts. Also, ping pong returns to campus on Thursday, so we figure there's something for everyone. Heck, why not try more than one?

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  • Spartans Honor Veteran's Day in Speech, Song and Spirit

    Pinole Valley High School was out in force on Monday, Veteran's Day at Fernandez Park. We saw the band play a number of songs to honor each branch of the service, and a heartfelt Taps to honor those who have passed. Our choir sang out in an amazing Amazing Grace and America the Beautiful, and senior Jaylin Kent spoke about her own family, who has served this country for generations. The solemnity of the event was respected and intensified by our students. We love to share our work and talents with the community. And we know that such commemorations are significant. All we ask in return is to have the community come see us when our Choir puts on its Winter show December 18 and our Band hosts their Winter Show December 19. We are hosting a Speech Tournament on December 7, so there's time to set your calendar to see it ALL. Students who are more connected to the world outside of high school tend to also do better at school. They have a perspective and habits that they have learned through real life experience. We look forward to further opportunities to make the relations between school and city even more deep as we now have a beautiful new campus in which to welcome everyone in..

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  • Tuesday is Moving (Around) Day

    OK, ready? First up is that we are going with a modified bell schedule. Students will be going through the school day as per normal. We will slice five minutes off each class so that students will have the opportunity to complete the EOS Survey. This is part of our grant to address the Achievement Gap in AP testing and success. We are asking all students to bring their laptops fully charged and we will have students complete the survey itself in their second period classroom. After that, it will look like a regular day and students will just have the bells slightly off, but we will make sure they ring! Then that evening a fleet of moving vans are taking over the back parking lot of the school. We are going to welcome in our permanent outdoor seating benches on Wednesday and Thursday. Also some more permanent trash cans too. They will be a great way for students to enjoy our outdoor plaza without the challenge of having the indoor furniture brought outside up to now. We anticipate that the few days next week as we bring in the new and haul in the slightly less new will be a little challenging, but we have dealt with portables and I am sure that we can figure this out too. We are excited that this outdoor furniture will not be affected by rains, so the timing is just right. We'll post pictures of the process and final results. Thanks to all for your patience and parking adjustment for next week's big delivery

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  • Spartan Crew honors Veteran's on November 11

    As part of an annual tradition, we are honored to be called on to serve in the annual Veteran's Day celebration at Fernandez Park on Monday November 11. The national holiday serves a unique purpose, to celebrate all who serve, and even though it is a "day off" on the calendar, Pinole Valley and over 100 of our students will be there to commemorate the troops and their families. Our band is going to play, our choir is going to sing, and student speaker, Jaylin Kent, '20 will speak and we anticipate our families and friends will be here as well. Even if you don't have a soldier in the family or a student who is performing, being there to see flags retired, veteran's honored and the bell toil for those who have passed, it is a moving ceremony and makes you feel more a part of community. Be at the park by 10:30 so you can experience it all. Veteran's Day and Pinole Valley High School just go together.

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  • Ms. Lamons Honored by Carlston Family Foundation

    Saturday night November 9th is the celebration of our own Ms. Lamons. The Carlston Family Foundation honors only five teachers each year, and the only one from the Bay Area is our Ms. Lamons, American Sign Language Teacher, Debate coach, sponsor of the Indo_pak Club, African American Student Union and New Teacher Support (and yes, this is all one person doing it). This Foundation reached back to the past, asking for an alumni who wanted to honor a past teacher. Jagjeet Kaur from the class of 2017, made sure that everyone knew how amazing Michele is. Now a whole banquet room will know. With the honor comes a cash prize for the teacher and the school. Naturally, Ms. Lamons is going to use the money to support her Many programs on campus. She makes a difference in students lives every day and while she has won honors before, this one is unique as it was initiated by a former student. Way to go, Ms. Lamons, we salute you this weekend and all year round

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  • Engineering Crew meets all Together

    Engineers at Pinole Valley start with the Introductory class their Freshmen year, while they are taking that course, they are also paired together in their English class, from there, the students advance to Principles of Engineering and take their Social science classes together as well. Once they are upperclassmen, the student branch out into both Computer Assisted technology and Integrated Managament. What doesn't usually happen is for the whole engineering team to be together in one place. That's what makes Thursday special. A lunchtime meeting with the whole team is going to help build community and allow the teachers (also together) to demonstrate how the vertical articulation (our fancy word for how it all fits together) works. We have so many extra curriculars that come from Engineering: Robotics, MESA and more, that we want to ensure that every student sees their role in building our pathway to excellence. Sometimes the best class meetings happen after class!

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  • Food Drive November

    Giving thanks, showing gratitude, providing for others has been a Spartan tradition. We need your help more than ever this month. Our annual food drive is on. We will be asking for cans and healthy food options to be dropped off in a number of locations on campus. The primary collection zones will be Ms. Blades room and Mr. O'Shea's, but the library and front office will also have bins available, and if you can't remember any of that, then just bring your food to your regular classroom and Leadership will bring the goods to a public space. We know that the more that is brought in means that everybody wins. So, look for something that you would find delicious and then bring it to the community and make someone else's holiday that much tastier. We will also be setting out our Gratitude Turkey, for those who have holiday wishes, we want you to add some feathers to our colorful creation and let the world know that there is someone who helped you along the way. Look for other themed events as we welcome November and our opportunity to say, Thank you!.

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  • What Say You, Seniors?

    You have two months to think up something memorable. The Class of 2020 is on the clock for Senior Quotes. If you have something you want recorded for posterity, you've come to the right place. Actually the right place is PinoleValleySpartans Yearbook@gmail.com. From there, you have a 100-character limit which is due on January 10, the first Friday back from the winter holiday. We are hoping to sell a record number of yearbooks, as our new photography teacher, Mr. Pinto has already collected some images that are for sure, going in the Book. Get the best price on yearbooks when you buy early, and we think this book will appeal to underclassmen as well as Seniors. We have all of our old copies, and still go back to words and vows that touch us today. Students may have photos of themselves and friends all over the place, but to capture someone's voice is unique and special. First quotes are already being submitted, and you have almost eight weeks to get yours together. Should be plenty of time to think of what words you want to leave Pinole Valley High future. Or maybe not. Stay cool forever.

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Support Leadership mention them Wednesday at Mod Pizza Pinole

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     Inside Pinole Valley-November 11- November 15, 2019

    Monday, November 11, 2019

    • Veteran’s Day Holiday—no School
    • Band, Choir, Student Speaker honor Veteran’s at Fernandez Park at 11:00 a.m.  Join Us!
    • Thanks to those who serve

    Tuesday, November 12

    • EOS Survey special schedule
    • Week of Hall Sweeps, get to class on time all the time.
    • Last Day til Friday to park in the Student Parking Lot
    • School Site Council today after school
    • Honor Roll Q1 announced
    • Second chance breakfast periods 1,2,3
    • Piano room now open at lunch and on Thursdays
    • Track conditioning after school, winter sports practice, basketball, wrestling and soccer.  Football still going
    • Spanish tutoring at lunch with Mr. Botello, General tutoring in the library

    Wednesday November 13

    • Collaboration Day for Teachers—Classroom management
    • UC and Starbucks tonight in Pinole at 6:30 p.m.
    • IAB's for students in Geometry today
    • Student parking lot closed today and tomorrow
    • Two new jobs go to Work Experience today
    • Hall Sweep Wednesday all day
    • Sign up for Banda, in the offices today
    • Marines here today at lunch
    • Read Spartan Ink for the latest in Spartan news, sports and surveys, it’s interactive!

    Thursday, November 14

    • Gratitude turkey is waiting for you
    • Food Drive all this week and next
    • IAB's today in Algebra I
    • Ping Pong returns today find Mr. Hein at lunch
    • Last week to sign up for Earth Team for next Saturday work
    • Shadow Day at UC for select students
    • MESA meeting today at lunch time
    • Further announcements on Homecoming II

    Friday, November 15

    • Blue and Gold Friday.  Football Saturday
    • IAB's today in Algebra II
    • Earth Team at work tomorrow join us at the tennis courts at 9:00 a.m.
    • African American male symposium today
    • Tech Days for Girls tomorrow at CSU East Bay
    • Rising Scholars meeting
    • Last week of Canned Food Drive next week
    • Saturday School tomorrow
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