• Artist of the Day: Michelly Zaragoza

    AP Studio Artist Michelly Zaragoza asks the question How can creating portraits help understand the person being portrayed? Michelly revises a gridded portrait by changing the emotion through use of color. See her before by clicking the title above. Our students are participating in multiple advanced level art courses this Fall, we have students dong Advanced Placement 2-dimensional art and 3-D art as well as a handful doing International Baccalaureate work with Ms. Shokrai. Look for an online gallery coming soon. The students are expected to be articulate as well as artistically sound for these exercises.

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  • Virtual Debate starts for Real Saturday

    Pinole Valley has long raised the banner of speech and debate this year is no exception. Except of course, everything in 2020 is somewhat of an exception. Starting tomorrow, the very first Remote debate tournament is ready to blast off. We have returning and novice teams that are gearing up for this unique moment. The rules are basically the same, schools are assigned to both affirm and then negate the proposition. Speakers start with a "constructive" opening, prepare cross examination questions and then follow up with rebuttals to make their case. All of this happening with a ticking clock! There are individual debates and later in the year, individual speech events. Thanks to our Ms. Lamons, debate team sponsor and the crew at Pinole Valley, working hard to make their arguments heard! And if you haven't started, why not begin next week. We meet after school Thursday and would love to add another advocate

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  • Water Polo Joins the Conditioning Crew

    The returning league champion, Spartans return to the water polo world starting next week. Coach Jim knows to maintain getting students prepare social distance all the while Here's his report to us: We will start the Water Polo and Swimming dryland training program on Wed. Sept. 30th. We will practice Wednesdays from 6:30p -7:30p & Friday from 6 -7:00pm. The boys and girls team are starting late, because of the Covid, of course, but also the poor air quality. We will be closely monitoring both for our other Fall Sports too. Cross Country met to make a running schedule for the weeks ahead and will start to use Thursdays beginning October 8 to do group runs. Another returning title team, girls volleyball is doing conditioning with Coach Melanie out on the field. All the work for now is outdoors, but we are going to prep for the day, we are allowed to go back inside and spike! Football continues to draw recruits for both Varsity and JV conditioning. Stay fit, Spartans, and take breaks from your screen time to do some sweat time. And if you need a support group (who of us, doesn't? reach out to our Athletics director, Ms. V and find out how you can condition with one of hard working teams.

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  • Artist of the Day: Devin Dinh

    Publication students were tasked with documenting their life during distance learning using a dominant and subordinate photos and significant copy. Devin Dinh who will be one the editors of the 2021 Javelin knocked it out of the park with this page with photos from our red sky days. The dominant photo stands out and the copy gives you an idea of his daily life. Devin is not the only student who caught the image of our most strange sky, but he uses some of the rules of thirds to create this triptych of arresting images. Look to the website over the weekend to see another example of Spartan art coming at you. Thanks to Mr. Pinto, Ms. Tremor and Ms. Shokrai for providing the pieces and the kids at Pinole Valley for winding new ways to "speak" to our human condition.

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  • Kona Ice comes to Campus Friday

    The PTSA is looking to make Friday even sweeter. Come to campus by the gym Friday between noon and 2:00 and get yourself a delicious wrap up for the week. Proceeds go to benefit our school, while you get a great way to kickoff your weekend. We will maintain social distance and encourage you to do the same, looking forward to seeing you and treating you right in front of the gym. So bring enough money for two, since you might finish your first before you get home.

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  • Latino College Workshop for all Friday

    From our college advisor, Ms. Stephanie, a great opportunity to learn more about college and career, a Latino College Expo. Sign up today to be admitted to the virtual tour tomorrow!

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  • Artist of the Day: Nisamanee Cleberg

    These 2 are from the Students were asked to create shadows onto their paper with every day objects and have those shapes inspire their drawings Nisamanee Cleberg- was chosen for her innovation. She chose to cast a shadow with a crystal and a red light shining through. The result is a cool red color

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  • Fall Sports Conditioning now with Cross Country!

    We are outdoors and getting in shape for whatever comes next. The Football team is out with Coach Bodwin at pvshfootball2014@gmail.com. The volleyball boys and girls are outdoors with exercises designed to keep the crew fit and ready for action when we return. Both groups are doing cardio workouts, abs, arms and legs, the net coach can be reached at Remind pvvb2020 to 81010. And now X-Country, the sport which makes every other sport feel better. Reach out to coach Valdehueza or Marroquin or check out our flyer above to have you join us this Friday for an informational meeting. We can stay safe and build up at the same time, go Spartan sports!

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  • Register to Vote, work at a Polling place, be a part of something Big!

    Make money and be a good citizen, time to sign up to be a poll worker on Election Day. Be 16, have a GPA above 2.5, reach out to cocovote.us and get yourself a piece of the action. Pinole Valley votes! Did you all know that there are over 3 million students who will turn 18 this year and will be eligible to vote? That only 23% of voters under the age of 20 voted in the 2018 midterm elections? That 16 year-olds in California can pre-register to vote? Here it is a virtual voter registration drive to help our students and the greater PVHS community get registered and ready to participate in the democratic process. Here's the link: https://myschoolvotes.whenweallvote.org/pinolevalleyvotes It also says that we're going for 20 registrations. That wasn't changeable either. Let's go for 200!

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  • Artist of the Day:

    AP Studio Artist Mulhema Jafri pays homage to the timeless woodblock print by Master Artist Hiroshige "Man on Horseback Crossing Bridge" (number 27 in the collection of "Sixty-nine Stations of the Kiso-kaido." See the original below. Mulhema plays sweetly with the concept of tradition through asymmetrical balance and recontextualization. It is a still-life of a hat with a woodblock print of a landscape - totally meta! One of the ideas that inspired her artistic inquiry was "why / how.. people judge others based on their clothing?" She has also designed clothing and she takes inspiration from traditional mehndi and mandala designs. Mulhema shows her chops in her choice of Eastern symbolism used in modern fashion.

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