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  • Artists of the Day: Artist of the Day: Daneria Davis and Pharrah Pugh

    Daneria & Pharrah created the outline and idea for the courtyard drip. They painstakingly applied the chalk and blended the colors with their fingers. Students from other periods matched their method of coloring and blending. The bright colors on top of the brick background are a serotonin boost. The result is eye catching and memorable. There are all kinds of drips on campus, and when you see it think of Ms. Tremor. Her students are dripping with talent, and our campus is the richer for it.

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  • Physics in the Class and in the Quad

    The time between the stick dropping and when it gets caught can get measured, and when it is, you will know through Physics some important information that you can quantify. The same could be said for Mr. Datlag's class who came out of the classroom and onto the quad to make physics come to life. Down on the field, Mr. Lee took his crew out to where they did not need to measure, thanks to the yard markers, and caclulated speed and acceleration. Sounds like a good day for Science.

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  • Pinole hosts City Council, School Board and more

    A visit from Pinole city councilwoman Norma Martinez Rubin is just one of many civic leaders who are coming to campus to speak to students about their jobs and their vision and answer questions from our soon to be voters. Friday, District superintendent Dr. Hurst and school board member Ms. Smith Folds will be speaking to dozens of students in our little theater to illuminate and inspire

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  • Spartan sports sweep Hercules High

    A double dose of Spartan athletics helped Big Blue sweep the night in sports. Girls water polo earned a bye victory, but JV boys and Varsity boys won it in the pool with the top team beating the Titans 11-2. Meanwhile on the courts, our girls tennis team beat Hercules 5-2 continuing it's magical season with its first win over an upper division or "Rock" school. The volleyball girls are back in action tonight and would love your support as they travel to Jesse Bethel to try sweeping the season series.

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  • National Night Out celebrates Pinole (Valley)

    A great night out featuring everyone and everything in our city, highlighted by big appearances from Pinole Valley. Our choir sang to start things off and then it was an evening with our Spirit squad, our football team (zombies) and a slew of Interact and other students manning games and booths and providing a joyful evening for the community at large. It's part of our vision and our commitment to be a vital part of our Pinole. We welcome the opportunity to bring our school to life.

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  • Artist of the Day: Megan Normington

    Students have been creating "Drip" to explore public art and installation. We studied the artist, Jen Stark for our inspiration. Students started off making abstract drip; using only color and line (marker). They then branched out synthesizing Stark's drip and creating drip that has personal meaning. They also explored different mediums. Megan's Coca Cola drip has a lot of whimsy. She used the rubbing alcohol and salt technique to give the watercolor texture.

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  • Spirit Week Coming Soon

    Every week something special at Pinole Valley. This next one is more special than most, as we celebrate the retrun of Spirit Week. No School on Monday, so you can dress for leisure, but then the pressure is on starting Tuesday as we are looking for you to dress like your crush. Or what you imagine your crush would wear. Then it is a week to push the limits of your creativity and imaginiation. You have the spirit inside you, now let's see what it looks like when you wear it!

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  • Homecoming Royalty Time

    Time to wear that crown! Run for Homecoming court and make the Homecoming memories last a lifetime. We are hosting all classes to take part but only a pair from each grade level wear the crown to be part of Homecoming Court. We will need you to be part of the Parade, the Rally, the Game and of course, the Homecoming Dance as well. Join us in particpating by signing up for the election. This is your time to shine!

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  • Krsmar Ateinza--Artist of the Day

    Photography student Krsmar Ateinza is showing a common screen to many students at Pinole Valley High, the stairs. The photograph was taken by Krsmar, then edited using Adobe Photoshop. The distortion in both images creates a unique experience for the viewer. This is one of a series of works from Ms. Villar's photography class that is making the ordinary and day-to-day into something worth taking a second look to see. We will hold on to the handrails from now on.

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  • A Little Live Rocks the Quad

    The Pinole Valley rock experience hit the quad Friday at lunch time playing a great set that had people grooving to the sounds and sights of Adam Liddicoat and Kazuma Minton. This marks the third time, the duo has played on stage and we enjoyed the mix of original songs and some covers. The energy at lunch is a happy one with kids going to their clubs, enjoying movies in the library or hanging out enjoying the sounds of A Little Live once again.

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