Water Quality in West Contra Costa Unified School District

  • March 16, 2018
    Dear Community Members,
    With the recent focus on safety, I wanted to update you on the efforts being taken by the District to reduce our students’ exposure to lead. Through an initiative from the California Department of Education, the District and EBMUD have tested the drinking water in our schools.
    The District is required to report any tested samples that reveal lead levels that are above 5 parts per billion (ppb). One ppb is equivalent to about one drop in an Olympic-sized swimming pool. If any readings are above 15 ppb, the District could be required to continue monitoring the lead levels, treat the water and pipes, educate the public and/or replace the water lines. This is the same level of lead that requires action if found in your home.
    With the assistance of EBMUD, we have tested all of our schools (except for Middle College High School and Gateway to College which are located at Contra Costa College) and received the results.
    Testing found two fixtures with readings of 10 ppb or higher. Results from a sink fixture at Vista High School was found to have a lead level of 12 ppb and a water fountain at Stege Elementary School had 10 ppb. While these results were below the level required for action by the federal Environmental Protection Agency, the District, in an abundance of caution, replaced both fixtures.
    In addition, the following fixtures with lead levels close to 5 ppb have also been replaced:
    • sink fixture in the staff room at Cameron (5.3 ppb)
    • sink in the multi-purpose room at the West County Mandarin School/Serra Adult School (4.6 ppb)
    • drinking fountain in Room 10 at Serra Adult School (4.4 ppb)

    Follow up testing has taken place and the results show the lead levels from those water fixtures are significantly lower than before replacement.

    Parents and staff at each of the schools with replaced fixtures were notified when the original test results were received by the District. You can see more information, including all of the testing results at www.wccusd.net/waterquality.
    If you have additional questions or concerns about this issue, feel free to contact us at facilities@wccusd.net.
    In Community,

    Matt Duffy