Facilities Master Plan/Implementation

  • The Board of Education approved a District Long Range Facilities Master Plan (LRFMP) in 2016.

    Click Here to Download the Long Range Facilities Master Plan

    The plan has guided the facility improvements for the past four years. Many of the initially funded projects identified in the LRFMP have either been completed or are in the implementation phase.

    Thanks to the community’s support of school construction, Measure R, a $575 million facility improvement bond, was passed in March of 2020.

    Additionally, many changes have occurred in the District over the last four years.  Changes in teaching and learning, District operations, and the community at large affect facilities’ needs and requirements.  The implication of the short and long term effects of the COVID 19 virus, for example, are still being defined. In light of the changes in the District and access to additional funding, an update to the LRFMP will ensure successful and relevant projects are completed to meet the educational needs of the District and community. The process for the update is planned to be inclusive. An initial community survey will provide input on the prioritization criteria. We encourage your input.

    2020 Community Survey about updating the 2016 Long Range Facilities Master Plan.

    The community survey in English is available here and translated in Spanish here.

    Survey submissions are due Friday, October 9

    2020 Prioritization Committee 

    Members of the WCCUSD community are also encouraged to apply to be a member of the 2020 Prioritization Committee. A lottery will select one parent and two students from each school feeder pattern.

    The Prioritization Committee will recommend updated criteria to the Facilities Committee and Board of Education. After the Board approves the 2020 criteria and associated weight and metrics, then the metrics will be applied to the Priority school sites, and a prioritized list will be established. Options will then be developed to address scopes of the individual priority school sites (19 school sites identified in the 2016 Facilities Master Plan) and other District-Wide needs.

    Nomination forms can be found here or in Spanish here

    Nomination forms must be completed by Friday, October 9. 

    Role of the Prioritization Committee

    • Attend 2-4 committee meetings 
    • Consider community input from District-Wide Survey
    • Discuss the 2016 criteria and any additional criteria to be considered
    • Recommend to the Facilities Committee & Board the 2020 criteria
    • The committee will not debate the merits of individual schools

    If you would like to participate, parents or students within the community can complete this nomination form.

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