• The mission of the District Budget Engagement Committee (DBEC) is to review and understand the impact of federal, state and local funding on the District's budget and to make recommendations to the Board regarding budget priorities, efficiency or cost reduction strategies, consider the reserve level that is best for the District as well as reviewing the most effective means of presenting budget information to the public.

    The DBEC is composed of one representative selected by the following groups:

              PTAs or Parent Clubs, one from a PTA and one from a PTO

              Philanthropic Funders of WCCUSD

              Citizen Oversight Committee for the Parcel Tax

              Labor-Management Solutions Team

              Multilingual District Advisory Committee

              School Site Councils, one Elementary, one Middle and one High School

              District Local Control Accountability Plan Committee

              Youth Commission

    The charge to the DBEC is to meet with District budget staff as needed prior to each of the key events on the Board budget development calendar including the report on unaudited actuals, the first interim report, the Board's workshop sessions on the budget in January and February of each year, the second interim report and the public hearing on the Local Control Accountability Plan.  The DBEC will join the Board at each of the seven key Board meetings each year (unaudited actuals, first interim, Board study sessions, second interim, and the LCAP hearing) to share members' perspectives and insights as the Board reviews the milestone information in the budget development process.

    The District is currently accepting applications for members of the community to serve on the DBEC for the 2019-20 school year.



    2019-20 Meeting Dates

    Committee Roster