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  • What’s good, Olinda families? Here are your updates for the week of October 18 through the 22nd!


    If you missed picture day last week- put it on your calendar now that make up day will be the 26th of next week. 


    Covid testing is Wednesday this week- please go to to sign up. Wait- robogal-  I thought it was supposed to be automatic now? Well, yes and a little bit no- we’ve seen inconsistent results so play it safe and make sure your student is signed up. we’re contacting LSA for more information and hope this is a temporary bug soon to be remedied! If your student didn’t get tested last week, or if this is their first time being signed up with LSA- then please for sure make an appointment. Don’t wait until Tuesday or Wednesday- the sooner the better. Please don’t  send in Predicine forms, we no longer get our testing done with them.


    Parent volunteers! If you are badged and vaccinated- we need your help especially at lunch time from 11am to 12:45 pm. You must make an appointment prior to coming in- give us a call, let your classroom teacher know.


    Want to volunteer but aren’t badged or vaccinated? There is a huge, critically important way you can help out right now without leaving the house. Please follow this link and fill out the Multi Purpose Family Income form. It’s part of the annual forms in powerschool. This is the way we get money from the state- we need every family to fill this form out- it’s critical to our being able to buy basic supplies for the school. And now more than ever we rely on our families. 


    Another way to help out is by serving on the School Site Council! The School Site Council (SSC) is composed of the school principal and a group of people, selected by their peers, representing all segments of the school community for the common goal of supporting student success. The SSC does this by developing and monitoring the implementation of the school’s plan known as the Single Plan for Student Achievement . They meet via zoom! Please follow this link to volunteer


    We also need parents of English Language Learners to serve on our English Language Learners Advisory Committee! This committee helps  the principal and staff in the development of a site plan for English learners and submitting the plan to the School Site Council for consideration of inclusion in the School Plan for Student Achievement., also assisting in the development of the schoolwide needs assessment. Meetings are virtual


    Our AAPAC is also an important part of our school community and needs volunteers to serve-  the African American Parent Advisory Council is a group of parents/guardians of African American students (along with school staff) coming together to ensure the success of their children, and ultimately all African American students at their school. It is an advocacy group made up of at least 6-8 parents/guardians and 1 Administrator. AAPAC can also include 1-2 teachers and family engagement staff but the majority of the Council members should be parents/guardians, and meets over zoom


    In short- we need our community support as much if not more so now than ever. And it’s hungry work so the PTA has another food fundraiser planned for your no-cook night enjoyment next week with MOD Pizza


    Be good, and be good at it.



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