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    Elizabeth Stewart K-8 School is nestled near the peak of a rolling hill, overlooking the valley of suburban Pinole. Built in the 1960’s, Stewart School has a history of strong academic core programs, allowing equal access to all students. We strive for every student to have a safe educational environment where they are all positively engaged, successful, and have opportunities to achieve to their fullest individual potentials. We pledge to make our school a place where all children see the greatness within themselves and the richness of the diversity that surrounds them. We will provide the atmosphere, climate and culture needed to allow all of our students to become positive, proud, self-determining forces of their own futures, as well as the future of their society; and of their world.

    It is the mission of this school to provide the highest quality education for all. We work, not only on having children access their own greatness, educationally and personally, but also to become successful problem-solvers within their community. We maintain and expand upon a broad, multi-faceted approach to education so that all our children can access the knowledge they need to be successful, confident, and competent in whatever area they choose to explore. It is our mission to open the doors of education for every student and make every student realize their own worth and capacity for greatness, on a personal, communal, and global level.


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