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  • Update 7/31/20

    Posted by Mirel Rivera on 7/31/2020 7:00:00 PM

    Greetings Junior Titan Families


    As July draws to a close and August begins I know that there are many questions about how school will look in the fall. Governor Newsom has made it clear that our school will start with Distance Learning. While this is not what we hoped for, it is the current state of things. All of us are disappointed that we cannot start the year in person and welcome our students on campus and into our classrooms. While we don’t know exactly how everything will look on August 17th, I do know that we are taking the information from the District and State Department of Education to make our plans for the start of school. In the spring we shifted from a full in person model to Distance Learning over a weekend. It was very challenging for families and the school. We are working as a district to make things better for the fall. 


    Over the summer months, the district has been meeting with groups of stakeholders, conducting surveys and working with bargaining units to create the structures for Distance Learning and the start of the school year. The final decisions are still being made and we will have a much clearer idea in the next week or so. We are aware of the anxiety that not knowing the details can cause. Please know that as we get details we will be sharing them with you. 


    This is a very challenging time that we are navigating together. During the next two weeks our staff will be working non stop to ensure the best start to distance learning we can. Here is what we know, what we are asking, and some of what needs to be done before the start of school. 


    What we know:

    • The school year will start on August 17th with full Distance Learning.
    • There will be live teacher interaction built into every day.
    • Attendance will be taken daily.
    • There will be a mix of synchronous (live) and asynchronous (self-paced) instruction.


    What we are asking:

    • Please work with your student to create a school day routine. School will have a specific start time and it is important to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast and be ready to learn on time. There will be a schedule to follow.
    • Please set up a work space for your student. Everyone will be going to school daily in a digital format, but they are going to school. Having a space that is neat and orderly helps.
    • Please make sure that your student’s tablet is working properly. If you are in need of an internet hotspot, please contact the tech support hotline: (510) 243-3901 or parent@wccusd.net


    What still needs to be done: (Dates and details coming soon)

    • Pick up textbooks and turn in the start of school year forms. 
    • Incoming 6th graders turn in tablets and receive new ones. New students pick up tablets.
    • Class schedules will be available. 
    • Meet your teachers and school staff.


    Even with all of the challenges I am excited for the start of the school year. There will be updated information coming by the middle of next week. Stay safe and as always stay Titan Strong.

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  • Update 6/5/2020

    Posted by Mirel Rivera on 6/5/2020 6:30:00 PM

    Principal's Update 6/5/2020
    Greetings Junior Titan families this is Principal Ryan Shaw with several end of year updates.
    First congratulations to all of our 8th graders. I am proud of each and every one of you. Thank you to all of our students for finishing the year strong. It has not been easy but we made it. And Thank you families for working with us and supporting the school. I appreciate you.
    Tuesday June 9th from 10-1 is the make up day to clean out lockers and return items. On Tuesday you can also pick up your yearbook if you purchased one. We still have 40 yearbooks available for sale. To buy one go to yearbookforever.com to make the purchase. You would then come to the school Tuesday between 10-1 to pick up the yearbook. Art students, your portfolios will also be available for pick up on Tuesday. Social distancing guidelines are still being followed so please wear a face mask. Please enter the campus through the turn around gate. Time slots are not assigned, you are free to come anytime between 10-1 on Tuesday.
    The district has a distance learning survey for students. Please have your student take the survey found at http://ytsurvey.org/wccusd
    The survey is for 5th-12th graders and closes on Friday June 19th.
    Yesterday we held our 8th grade drive through celebration. It was great to see the 8th graders one last time before High School. Ms. Rivera has put together a video with 8th grade pictures and some messages from teachers and staff. You can find it on the school website.
    As we move into summer, stay safe, be well and as always stay Titan Strong.

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  • Update 5/29/2020

    Posted by Mirel Rivera on 5/29/2020 6:00:00 PM

    Greetings Titan families, this is Principal Ryan Shaw with an update..

    Locker clean out and book return is scheduled for 7th graders on Tuesday June 2nd and 6th graders on Wednesday, June 3rd. To ensure social distancing protocols time slots for this are assigned by last name. There will be only one point of entry and exit that will be at the Turn Around Gate. Only the student and up to One adult can come onto the campus for the clean out. Please bring your math book, any library books and novels to turn in. If you have a music class bring your music book and instrument if you checked the instrument out from the school. Unless you are leaving the district, keep your tablet and charger over the summer. Social distancing protocols will be followed and face masks are required. There will be a make up day on Tuesday June 9th if you cannot make this Tuesday. This message is being sent by email and will be posted on the school website. The time slots assigned are 7



    On Thursday June 4th we are having a time to recognize our 8th grade students with a drive through recognition and pick up event. During the pick up students will receive their 8th grade tshirts and 8th grade promotion certificates. To fit with district, county and state requirements the event will be completely drive through and you will have a time assigned to you by last name to come to campus. One car per 8th grade family. Parents, you will enter the school at the main office parking lot and continue to drive up through the gates onto the High School. Continue past the staff parking lot turning left onto the access road. From there you will be directed to turn left and follow the road past the 500’s and gym locker room. Along the route there will be signs of congratulation, Teachers and Staff waiving, and the mentioned goodies. This is a drive through event and all participants will need to remain in their car. The PTO is collecting signs congratulating the 8th grade class. If you would like to make or donate a sign to the PTO please call or text 707–548-6243 to arrange drop off or pick up no later than Tuesday, June 2 at 2 PM. 

    The time slots assigned are:8

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