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  • Hercules Middle School is proud to support December as National Human Rights Month.




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Principal's Update

  • December 16

    Posted by L. Renee Lama on 12/16/2017

    Hello Junior Titan Families

    This is Renee Lama with a school update.

    We are approaching the half-year mark, and I wanted to leave you with some information and suggestions for the break.  These past few months have been very difficult to manage.  We have had an increase of student misbehavior on campus.  Students have been mistreating each other.  They have been engaging in non-consensual horseplay, name-calling, hitting, and other harassing behaviors.  They are not behaving like I expect Jr. Titans to behave.  I know that middle school is difficult and different from when we were in school.  Our kids are living in technological world.  The school has given them technological tools.  It still doesn’t change the facts that they are kids.  While I don’t expect perfection, I do expect that we treat each other with respect and kindness.  While I see an increase in negative behaviors, I see a decrease in the development of necessary academic skills.  Things are urgent, and we must respond to this urgency.  As a school, we have been looking at ways to address our declining student culture.  We will not accept misbehavior, and there will be an increase in consequences. 

    I need help from parents.  I need for parents to review their child’s state scores from last year to gain a full understanding of their levels at the beginning of this year.  I need students to be reading daily.  They need to be reading books in their ZPD range.  This will help them to raise their reading fluency and increase their comprehension.  I need for students to have their multiplication facts down by memory.  Give them a test; they should be able to record their multiplication facts 1 to 10 in fewer than five minutes.  This will allow them to concentrate on the new concepts, without worrying about basic math facts. I need for parents to be regularly and spontaneously monitoring social media.  The things that I have uncovered have not been on tablets, but cell phones.  I am considering a ban on cell phones at school.  This is something the staff will be discussing in January.

    Most importantly, as always, I need your support.  There is nothing more important to me than the success of your children.  Education doesn’t just happen from 8 to 3.  Please check their work, have them show you their assignments.  Review it for neatness, grammar, and accuracy.  If it doesn’t meet your standards, have them redo it.  Limit their television and social media time, and spend time just talking to them about school and their lives.  Volunteer on campus and in classrooms.  Partner with us.  Together we can turn this around.

    I appreciate this community, and I appreciate that I feel that I can be open and vulnerable with you all.  In January, I will host a parent information session, and I will share where we are as a school and where I hope we are willing to go.  Be on the lookout for that date.  Until then, enjoy your family during this break.  As always feel free to reach out to me with your comments and suggestions.  Have a wonderful break, see you all in the new year, stay titan strong.  

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