Safety Committee

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  • Vision Statement

    The Board Safety and School Climate Committee is designed to be a safe space dedicated to review, discuss, understand, explore and learn about key safe school operations and school climate concepts. The committee will focus on best practices and procedures to help ensure the district's students are served in a safe, secure, and inclusive environment.

    Committee Purpose

    The purpose of the Board Safety and School Climate Committee is to review the safety, climate support, and policies of the district.

    The Board Safety and School Climate Committee reviews:

    • Site and District Safety Plans
    • District safety audit
    • District climate work
    • Labor contracts for financial impact (excluding closed session items)
    • COVID-19 Process and Procedures
    • Other topics as needed or directed by the Committee or Board

    Goals and Objectives

    • Understand and work to implement best practices to create a welcoming environment
    • Restore/Build trust in our practice and policies
    • To develop board members that have a deep understanding of the organizational structures and social-emotional support systems in place within the organization
    • Understand how to ask good questions about iniatives to enhance school climate
    • To Educate internal and externhal shareholders about the importance of comprehensiv safe school plans and procedures
    • Presentations for the People
    • Bridge the gap between school and community including local law enforcement



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