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  • No school on Jan. 21st for MLK Day, and no school on Jan. 22nd as teachers finish grades. 


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    RHS Weekly What’s-Up

    January 21st - 25th

    School Learning Objectives: Think → Collaborate → Act!

    SLO of the Week: Growth Mindset - View challenges as opportunities for improvement, and pursue self-made goals that focus on progress over mastery

    How can you apply this to your classroom this week?

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    MLK Day! No School!

    530pm/7pm - Boys BBall @ San Lorenzo



    Teacher Work Day - No Students

    9am - 11am - DDI Cycle PD Session #1 in Library

    1230pm Staff BBQ in Quad

    2pm African American Site Advisory DeBrief

    530pm/7pm JV/V Boys BBall vs. St. Mary’s

    4pm/6pm JV/V Boys Soccer vs. Kennedy [Senior Night]

    530/7pm JV/V Girls BBall @ Pinole Valley



    Field Trip: MMedia Seniors to Helms for Service Learning

    Field Trip: Health Academy to OTI

    230pm - Whole Staff PD: Grading Philosophies

    630pm - Board of Education Meeting @ DeJean



    EPA Field Trip: Richmond Community Foundation

    230pm - Black History Month Planning Committee in Conference Room

    4/6pm JV/V Girls Soccer vs. Pinole Valley

    4/6pm JV/V Boys Soccer @ El Cerrito

    530/7pm JV/V Girls BBAll vs. Hercules

    7pm - CAPA Play “We Are Equal” Opening Night



    8am - 11am Go Public: Teaching Parents to Advocate in Room 506

    345pm - Academy Lead Meeting in Conference Room

    530/7pm JV/V Boys BBall vs. Vallejo

    7pm CAPA Play “We Are Equal” Closing Night

    Saturday & Sunday

    1/26 - 1/27

    1/26 Education Fair 10am - 2pm at Richmond Convention Center

    1/26 10am/12pm JV/V Girls Soccer vs. Alameda

    1/26 1pm/230pm JV/V Boys BBall vs. Concord

    Instructional Highlight!

    Grading reflections are important at this time in the year. Our PD on Wednesday will discuss some tips and strategies when looking for patterns in grades. We know for our students, especially Freshmen, that the closer we can norm our grading policies and be transparent, the more confident our students will be in understanding grades as a reflecting of their progress.

    Think about how grading reflects student progress in their skills. How do students in your classroom view receiving a D or a C? Last year we had a powerful student panel in which one of our alumni reflected that her favorite class was one that challenged her abilities. She understood her progress, and she said she was proud of the C+ she earned in the class, even though she received A’s in her other classes. Grades are a reflection of progress towards mastery.

    Student Behavior

    The new semester is an opportunity to reset norms or make adjustments to the curriculum or class. Once again, transparency is the key. You may have to discuss changes multiple times for students to get it, but consistency is the key. Sometimes we think of a new semester as all students have an A, and it’s theirs to lose, but think of it a different way. Grades are really like an empty plate, for students to fill up like at a buffet. This analogy suggests that it’s the responsibility of the student to submit work, not for them to lose something that they have been given. Keep pushing students to submit work to receive feedback. Our students need a lot of positive encouragement to keep trying, to not give up, and to get used to using feedback that translates into better performance. The best behavior management in our classes, is a strong lesson that connects with students.

    Big Events 1 Month Ahead!

    1/21 - MLK Day [No School]

    1/22 - Teacher Work Day - Finish Grades (Grades due 3:30 pm)

    1/26 - Education Fair 10am - 2pm at Richmond Convention Center

    1/30 - Unit 3 Plans Due to Admin

    1/31 - 100th Day of School!

    2/1 - Helms Middle comes to RHS!

    2/13 - Helms SPED visit to RHS!

    2/14 - Quarter 3 Progress Reports Due

    2/18 - 2/22 - February Break

    Weekly Wins!

    -We saw so many teachers staying late to work with students! That’s a great win.

    -Internationals turned in amazing portfolios and gave presentations for the first time in English, some of whom have been in our country for only 2 months!

    -One of our students will be a representative on the School Board. The 2nd student in 2 years to have that position!

    -We had a successful African American Site Advisory Team meeting, we are excited to see how this group can help us support our African American students at Richmond High.

    -Girls Varsity Basketball had an upset win over Albany! That hard work is paying off.

    -As our coaches continue classroom visits, classes are busy, students are working, and teachers are having good conversations on revamping their curriculum (Admin has been ear-hustling). Make challenges into opportunities!


  • Need to request a schedule change? Use this link to request a change. Remember, schedules are tight, and the goal is to head towards graduation. Please make sure your reasons to change your schedule are important and with these goals in mind. Last day to request a change will be January 25th!

    Check out our Winter Play! Written and directed by our students, in partnership with California Shakes Festival.


    We love our Oiler Staff! They are experienced, hard working, and love our students and community. See how many you can guess graduated from Richmond High!


    Check out what California State Universities are saying about how Richmond High students are performing in college. We are proud of our Oiler Alumni!

    Check out this great opportunity for African-American Scholarships at the Black College Expo!


    Want to know what our Academic support and plans are for Quarter 2? Check out this flyer with dates and upcoming events at our Richmond High School!

    English       Spanish


    We are excited to present our first ever Career Day at our site! Stuents will get to meet and speak with Unions and Trades all over. Great opportunities to work in local unions after High School and make a difference. Help your students prepare!

    RHS alumni

     Come meet just a few of our success stories from Richmond High! 

    We are welcoming our after-school program to Richmond High for the next 5 years. As part of the program, we need students to participate in a number of programs. These include band, open gym before and after school, tutoring, Majorettes (dance crew), choir, theater/drama, Alma Latina and more. Check out here for the new tutoring schedule! For more information, check out our After-School page to contact the coordinator.

    College is Real, a program at Richmond High School that has been changing lives since 2005, has recently received attention and notice for their amazing work. They are a part of our College and Career Center and work to help students learn about and apply for college. Check out this video showcasing the adults and mentors who work hard to make a difference for our community alongside our amazing staff at Richmond High.

    We love having volunteers come with us to field trips, help support in the classrooms, and be a mentor to our students. Please join us for a Fingerprint party to get screened for free and receive your volunteer badge. Find the dates on this flyer (in Spanish too!).


    This summer Richmond High, through our Summer Bridge Program, welcomed rising Freshmen to come in and learn High School skills to prepare for the upcoming year. Great job students in putting in that extra work, we can't wait to get to know you over the next 4 years!


    Over the summer Richmond High is continuing to offer educational opportunities through our Newcomer Summer Enrichment Program. This week our students went to Univision Television Studio in San Francisco! Check out our page on summer programs to find out how you can get involved!


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