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    RHS Weekly What’s-Up

    November 13th - November 16th 2018

    WASC Re-Visit Countdown: Wed, November 14th, 2018



    No School - Veterans Day



    8am - 1pm ASVAB Testing in Library

    630pm - Parent Association in Library



    Q2 Progress Reports Due (1 of 2)

    10am - 2pm - WASC Appeal Team Visit

    230pm - Sex Ed Science Meet in Library

    230pm - No Collaboration

    7pm - Night 1 of Midsummer Night’s Dream



    245pm - Richmond University: Procedures for Student Discourse

    630pm - African American Parent Night

    7pm - RHS Soccer vs. Salesian [Pending Air Quality]

    7pm - Night 2: Midsummer Night’s Dream



    Minimum Day - 2:19pm Dismissal

    8am - 11am - Go Public: Teaching Parents to Advocate

    1130am - Instructional Aides Meeting in Conference Room on PBIS

    Saturday & Sunday

    11/10 - 11/11

    School closed for break on both weekends. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Instructional Highlight!

    Quarter 2 progress reports are due, so talk to your students. Can your students explain why their grade is the way it is? Is the explanation good enough? Do you believe they really understand their choices?

    It’s easy for students to agree that graduation is necessary, but our students struggle with parceling these tasks down to something manageable. For example, when discussing graduation, what a student sometimes needs is a goal that can be accomplished that day (attendance), that week (that big project they are dreading) or for the quarter (all C’s or better). How do the goals set reflect the growth of the student? Who can check in with the student weekly to talk to them about it? How can parents be involved. Choose a few students in your classes that you think that this method could make a difference.

    Student Behavior

    A recent article that MMedia published in their quarterly newsletter suggests that students want to be listened to. Many are concerned that they have been considered “the bad kid” and they face prejudice in the classroom. Try switching up your tactics, instead of pointing out how a student is late, offer to help them catch up or a, “Hey, here is what you missed, lets see if we can get you back up to speed”.

    Listening to what our students need is part of our jobs as educators, and holding them to agreed standards is part of that. Most of our students know the expectations in the classrooms, if they are acting out, instead of thinking, “They never do work”, try “What can I try differently to reach them?”. Moving the needle positively for our students takes time, and will not be an overnight success, but always remember our students like learning, and they want to be successful, some just don’t have any structure to know where to start. That’s where good teachers like those at Richmond High step in. Everyday is an opportunity to connect more, and push our students to their potential

    Big Events 1 Month Ahead!

    11/13 - Parent Association - 630-730pm (We want teachers to come!)

    11/14 - Q2 Progress Reports Due

    11/14 - WASC Appeal Visit

    11/15 - African American Parent Association - 630pm - 730pm

    11/15 - Richmond University: Procedures for Student Discourse

    11/16 - Minimum Day - Beginning of whole week off!

    11/28 - WASC Collaboration - Looking at Data in Focus Groups

    11/29 - Richmond University:  Scaffolding Complex Texts


    Great job CAPA on working to put on their performances, we know if takes a lot of you!

    Thank you hard working teachers always looking for better ways to assist your students. It’s not easy to ask for help, but we appreciate our teachers who reach out when issues in the classroom seem challenging.

  • Dont miss our fall play next week in our brand new theater!



    Want to know what our Academic support and plans are for Quarter 2? Check out this flyer with dates and upcoming events at our Richmond High School!

    English       Spanish


    We are excited to present our first ever Career Day at our site! Stuents will get to meet and speak with Unions and Trades all over. Great opportunities to work in local unions after High School and make a difference. Help your students prepare!

    RHS alumni

     Come meet just a few of our success stories from Richmond High! 

    We are welcoming our after-school program to Richmond High for the next 5 years. As part of the program, we need students to participate in a number of programs. These include band, open gym before and after school, tutoring, Majorettes (dance crew), choir, theater/drama, Alma Latina and more. Check out here for the new tutoring schedule! For more information, check out our After-School page to contact the coordinator.

    College is Real, a program at Richmond High School that has been changing lives since 2005, has recently received attention and notice for their amazing work. They are a part of our College and Career Center and work to help students learn about and apply for college. Check out this video showcasing the adults and mentors who work hard to make a difference for our community alongside our amazing staff at Richmond High.

    We love having volunteers come with us to field trips, help support in the classrooms, and be a mentor to our students. Please join us for a Fingerprint party to get screened for free and receive your volunteer badge. Find the dates on this flyer (in Spanish too!).


    This summer Richmond High, through our Summer Bridge Program, welcomed rising Freshmen to come in and learn High School skills to prepare for the upcoming year. Great job students in putting in that extra work, we can't wait to get to know you over the next 4 years!


    Over the summer Richmond High is continuing to offer educational opportunities through our Newcomer Summer Enrichment Program. This week our students went to Univision Television Studio in San Francisco! Check out our page on summer programs to find out how you can get involved!


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