• The West Contra Costa Unified School District provides support and assistance to Foster Care youth who attend West Contra Costa Unified School District schools to ensure that all of these students have a meaningful opportunity to meet the challenging state pupil academic achievement standard to which all students are held. Under AB 490, effective January 1, 2004, the responsibilities of Foster Youth Services include:

    • Ensure and facilitate proper school placement, enrollment, and checkout from school (EC 48853.5 (b)(1);
    • Assist foster children when transferring schools and ensuring proper transfer of credits, records and grades (EC 48853.5 (b)(2); and,
    • Within two business days of the foster child's request for enrollment, contact the school last attended by the foster child to obtain all academic and other records. The school liaison for the school last attended shall provide all records to the new school within two business days of receiving the request (EC 48853.5 (d)(4)(c).

    Foster Youth Services provides additional services including:

    • Monitoring attendance
    • Supplementary Counseling
    • Referrals to employment opportunities
    • Credit retrieval

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