• WCCUSD's Dual Language Immersion programs prepare today's youngest learners to be tomorrow's leaders. Students in grades Kindergarten through 6th learn to think critically, compassionately, and creatively in both their native language and English. Beginning in Kindergarten, students learn 90 percent of the time in Spanish, and 10 percent in English. From 1st through 3rd grade, Spanish instruction decreases by 10 percent, and English increases by 10 percent until the 4th grade when daily instruction is 50 percent English, and 50 percent Spanish.


    WCCUSD's rigorous program connects our diverse communities and prepares students for college, career and beyond. Enroll your child now in one of WCCUSD's 10 Elementary Spanish Dual Immersion programs, or our Mandarin Immersion program.


    What is a Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Program? 

    Dual Language Immersion programs are designed for students to fully and meaningfully participate in a 21st Century education from an early age.  DLI programs can help ensure students Kindergarten through sixth grade achieve high levels of proficiency in English and the partner language, and master grade level standards. 

    DLI programs are also a way to support English language Learners.

    Why Dual Language Immersion?

    • Language learning is natural for young children. 
    • Learning more than one language strengthens development of thinking skills.
    • Language learning prepares students to participate in a global, diverse, and multilingual world.


    Dual Language Immersion implemented in WCCUSD

    In all grades, students are taught in English and the partner language. During the year, student study all subjects in each language without repeating lessons. 

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