• Pacing Guide Calendars/Benchmark Blueprints and Assessments Overview


             WCCUSD is in the second year of a major update of the benchmark assessment program. This work continues to involve changes in the way that benchmarks are administered and how the results from these assessments are used.


    ·        Math and ELA (including Writing) assessments and pacing guides were reviewed and updated by teachers for teachers during the spring and summer 2012.


    o   Pacing Guides provide information on lesson sequence and number of days suggested for each lesson


    o   Benchmark Blueprints identify the grade level standards assessed on each benchmark


    o   Academic and assessment calendars provide a “Big Picture” view of assessments during the year


    ·        Feedback about the Benchmarks and Pacing Guides will be collected during the year


    ·        Administration of 2012-13 ELA, ELD and Math benchmarks by the “Scan by” dates is mandatory for all assessment windows for all schools


    ·        Each benchmark assesses standards taught during the specified instructional period (per the pacing guide calendars)


    ·        Benchmark assessments are not intended to be used as a comprehensive assessment


    ·        An optional standards based test for administration during January/February (which provides a snapshot of student readiness for the spring CST administration) will be available


    ·        Benchmark results should not be reviewed via proficiency band reports (FBB, BB, etc) because combining results in this way does not provide accurate/reliable information


    ·        Benchmark results will be used to promote collaboration and enable teachers to analyze trends and transform instruction:


    o   Edusoft is able to produce reports for error/item analysis review: What were commonly selected incorrect answer choices?

    o   Error/item analysis leads to review of instructional practices:  What might have been the misunderstanding that led a student to choose a specific incorrect answer? How can we use this information to transform instruction so that students don’t develop these misunderstandings?


    ·        Additional formative assessments (program embedded assessments, exit slips, observations, must be used on a regular basis to provide essential information about student needs and progress


    ·        Quick check assessments will be available for teachers to check in on student understanding of a single standard.


    ·        Pilot California Common Core Standards assessment test items available in spring 2013.

            Please remember that the main purpose of the WCCUSD assessment system is to impact teaching and learning in order to continue to improve student access and success.


            Lyn Potter, Director, 510-307-4500, lpotter@wccusd.net

           Sonja Neely-Johnson, Coordinator, 510-307-4522 sneely-johnson@wccusd.net

            Cheryl Broomall, Coordinator, 510-307-4520 cbroomall@wccusd.net