• Beyond the Lunch Box: Complete the Multipurpose Family Income Form for 2021-22 school year.

    The 2021-2022 school year is underway and we need your help. We need every family to complete the Multipurpose Family Income Form, regardless of income and/or free and reduced priced lunch status.

    The Multipurpose Family Income Form needs to be submitted each year from every WCCUSD family. You can complete the form right now with this link to the Multipurpose Family Income Form (Español).

    We are building resources to help you complete the form:

    • How-to video (Coming soon)
    • Step-by-step guide (Coming soon)
    • Here is WCCUSD's Food Services website (menus, forms, meal pick up locations and hours) and phone number: 510-307-4580 to assist you in completing the form.

    What is the Multipurpose Family Income Form?

    Beyond The Lunch Box graphic The Multipurpose Family Income Form collects basic information about your student so WCCUSD can determine their eligibility for free or reduced-price breakfast, lunch, and also so that schools can qualify to receive additional money and programs. You may have heard this form referred to in the past as the "School Meal Application Form" or "School Lunch Form." The name has changed because it is really about more than beyond the school lunch box.

    Why does every family need to complete the Multipurpose Family Income Form?

    The form used to be associated with or referred to as the school lunch form and some people believed it was only necessary to complete the form if you wanted your child to qualify for free or reduced-price school lunch. The truth is that it is important for EVERY family to fill out this form because doing so helps bring much needed additional money and services to your child's school and to WCCUSD.

    WCCUSD receivBeyond the Lunch Box Graphic es funding from the state and federal governments to support the needs of low-income students. For each student who qualifies for free or reduced-price meals, WCCUSD receives thousands of additional dollars in funding. Studies show that many eligible students, in particular middle school and high school students, do not complete this form each year, leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding for WCCUSD on the table. Even a small increase in eligible forms collected results in significantly more money to support our schools and students.

    Why if my child doesn't eat school lunch or brings their own lunch from home?

    Even if your students brings their own lunch, or goes to a school where all students receive free lunch, filling out the form is very important. It ensures that your school gets all of the funding and benefits available to support teachers and students. Also, even if your child does not eat school lunch, students who qualify for free lunch also can receive other benefits like:

    • Fee waiver for afterschool programs
    • Free bus passes
    • Discounts for your family on utilities
    • Reduced priced or free internet service
    • Reduced fees for SAT and ACT tests and college applications