The work of the CALPADS/CRDC/CBEDS Reporting Office impacts critical aspects of the district, such as LCFF funding, official enrollment counts, grant funding, SBAC testing, Accountability and other DataQuest reports. This work is accomplished by coordinating and working closely with school sites, departments, and the PowerSchool Office to meet reporting requirements and deadlines.
    CALPADS reporting has become a year-round process with the addition of Accountability pulls and SBAC rostering in addition to the Fall 1, Fall 2, and EOY 1-4 certification windows. School sites and various departments input data to PowerSchool, the district’s Student Information System, on an ongoing basis. We upload PowerSchool data to CALPADS on a daily to weekly basis based on the time of year. Data hygiene is an important aspect of our work. To that end, we conduct trainings and/or distribute documents  related to proper data entry to conform to CALPADS data rules, run weekly validation processes, and have data stewards (those who are responsible for ensuring complete and accurate data in their area) review and approve CALPADS reports prior to certifying.
    The HelpDesk utilizes the ZenDesk customer tool that makes it more efficient for ITS to track and manage all reported problems.  Please contact helpdesk@wccusd.net  to report issues with CALPADS, CRDC, CBEDS or other state reporting.

    State Reporting Coordinator: Marc-Cedric Latreille
    State Reporting Technician: Santino Aguilar
    State Reporting Technician: Maria-Luisa Huizar

    PowerSchool Data Entry Directions

    Foster Program: PDF (Sep - 2015) |
    Homeless Program: PDF (Sep - 2015) | Web Training (Oct 2015)
    Incident Management: PDF (Sept 2018)     

    Additional Information

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