• Chief Technology Officer: Tracey Logan

    Senior Administrative Secretary: Wendy Pangelina

    Please visit helpdesk.wccusd.net to submit and manage your requests


    Director of IT Operations: Wayne Lacy

    Operations Manager:  David Oliver

    Systems Administrator: Perry Oda
    Systems Administrator: Vin Duong
    Systems Administrator: Ennis Pool

    Senior Desktop Support Technician: Joel Mireles
    Senior Desktop Support Technician: Greg Holm
    Senior Desktop Support Technician: Matt Herrera
    Desktop Support Technician: Dennis Lai
    Desktop Support Technician: Isadora Quintanilla
    Desktop Support Technician: Jeff DeFabio
    Desktop Support Technician: Karen Ortega
    Desktop Support Technician: Luis Nunez
    Desktop Support Technician: Robert Ramirez
    Information Helpdesk Technician: Colleen Denny-Duggan
    Information Helpdesk Technician: Gehan Cheung


    Senior Network Engineer:  Jamal Abki

    Network Engineer: Jim Lipscomb
    Network Engineer: Cedric Sandjo

    VOIP Programmer Technician: Jose Castro


    Director, Research & Reporting: Morgan Matthews

    Data Analyst, Research & Reporting: Julie Norris

    Director, Systems & Compliance: Nicole Joyner

    Data Integration Analyst/Programer: James Contreras
    Database Administrator:  Marc-Cedric Latreille

    CALPADS/CBEDS/CRDC Reporting - (510) 231-1124
    State Reporting Coordinator: Stephanie Hearne
    State Reporting Technician: Amanda Harris
    State Reporting Technician: Maria-Luisa Huizar
    Student Information System Office / Powerschool - (510) 231-1121
    Student Information Services Supervisor: Kim Chamberlain
    Attendance Enrollment Specialist: Susana Montelongo
    Attendance Enrollment Technician: Diana Garcia Cuevas
    Attendance Enrollment Technician: Veronica Villagomez
    Attendance Enrollment Technician: Vanessa Mathias