• Systems Integration

    Systems integration is a process that enables automated data exchanges between diverse systems.  The automated data exchange may use various transport mechanisms such as (but not limited to) FTP (file transfer protocol), SIF (Schools Interoperability Framework), and autosend (a unique PowerSchool function).  PowerSchool, our student information system, is a key provider of data to other systems such as IlluminateEd (assessment), Follett Destiny (library services), NoHo Care (state pre-school), Active Directory, and various Educational Services applications (Read 180, RenLearn, Typing Agent, etc.)

    Initial implementation for an application is a primary service of systems integration, after which application updating and maintenance is performed by the application owner.  Implementation requires mapping of source data fields to receiving data fields, translation of data requirements, key understanding of the systems involved, and employing data tools, utilities and various technologies.

    Other systems integration efforts support data exchange between our District and external data requestors (bound by FERPA contracts), agencies, and piloted applications (e.g., data warehouse).

    As technology becomes more interconnected, so to do the systems and their shared data.

    The HelpDesk utilizes the ZenDesk customer tool that makes it more efficient for ITS to track and manage all reported problems.  Please contact helpdesk@wccusd.net  to report issues with systems integration.


    Data Integration Analyst: Geri Kaman

    Database Administrator:  Jeff Roberts


    Additional Information

    The WCCUSD FERPA Vendor – Confidentiality Agreement (last revised 9/3/2015) - Fillable PDF

    The WCCUSD Data Checklist [that accompanies the FERPA] (last revised 1/6/2016)