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    3000 Parker Road
    Richmond, CA  94806
    Office: (510) 307-4630
    Fax: (510) 724-8829

    Division Head: Sonja Neely-Johnson
    SELPA Director, Special Education 

    Meuy Saechao
    Senior Administrative Assistant
    For Secondary Special Education,
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    For Elementary Special Education,
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    For Special Ed. Records,
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    Jennifer Manalang
    Special Education Records Clerk

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  • Adaptive Physical Education
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  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program
  • Nurses' Office
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Psychology Department
  • Resource Parent Support
  • Speech
  • Transition Program (18-22)
  • Visually Impaired

Special Education Staff

Perlita Vickroy EMAIL:
Interim Director, Elementary Programs, Special Education PHONE: (510) 307-4640

Guthrie Fleischman EMAIL:
Director, Secondary Programs, Special Education PHONE: (510) 307-4641

Arthur Harris EMAIL:
Director, Mental Health Services PHONE: (510) 307-4639

Ken Talken EMAIL:
Coordinator, Transition Program PHONE: (510) 231-1432

Rosalind Brown EMAIL:
Vice Principal, Transition Program PHONE: (510) 231-1432

Christina Boman EMAIL:
Coordinator, Cameron School PHONE: (510) 231-1445

John Banister EMAIL:
Administrator, Special Education PHONE: (510) 307-4640

Darlene Almeida EMAIL:
Administrator, Special Education, Section 504 PHONE: (510) 965-4451

Michele Harrison EMAIL:
Program Specialist Elementary, for: Collins, Ellerhorst, Fairmont, Hannah Ranch, Harding, Kensington, Lupine Hills, Madera, Murphy, Ohlone, Olinda, Shannon,Sheldon, Stege, Stewart, Tara Hills, Valley View PHONE: (510) 307-4640

Pilar Romero EMAIL:
Program Specialist Elementary for: Bayview, Chavez, Coronado, Dover, Downer, Ford, Grant, Highland, King, Lake, Lincoln, Mira Vista, Montalvin, Nystrom, Obama, Peres, Riverside, Richmond College Prep, Verde, Washington, West County Mandarin PHONE: (510) 307-4640

Alcid Dela Cruz EMAIL:
Program Specialist Secondary, for: Soskin MS, Hercules MS, Korematsu MS, De Anza HS, Hercules HS, El Cerrito HS, Greenwood, Gateway PHONE: (510) 307-4641

Maria Gomez EMAIL:
Program Specialist Secondary, for: Helms MS, Pinole MS, De Jean MS, Richmond HS, Pinole Valley HS, Kennedy HS, Adult Ed. PHONE: (510) 307-4641

Kathryn Hogan EMAIL:
Program Specialist - Cameron PHONE: (510) 231-1445

Shirley Priestley EMAIL:
Program Specialist - Cameron PHONE: (510) 231-1445

Stephanie Herrera EMAIL:
Special Education Administrative Technician - Elementary - Bilingual PHONE: (510) 307-4640

April Rodriguez EMAIL:
Special Education Administrative Technician - Secondary PHONE: (510) 307-4641

Perla Ponce EMAIL:
CASEMIS/SEIS PHONE: (510) 307-4647

Michelle Rosales EMAIL:
Special Education Technician PHONE: (510) 307-4630 ext. 26710

Patricia Alberto EMAIL:
Transportation, Regular and Special Education Bilingual PHONE: (510) 307-4645

Jeanine Bishop EMAIL:
Parent Liaison/School Community Outreach Worker PHONE: (510) 307-4669

Frances Gonzalez EMAIL:
Staff Secretary, Special Education Psychology PHONE: (510) 307-4643

Judy Gerloff EMAIL:
Staff Secretary, Special Education S.T.E.P. PHONE: (510) 307-4646

Monica Vega EMAIL:
Clerk III, Intake - Bilingual PHONE: (510) 307-4631

Clerk III, Special Education File Clerk PHONE: (510) 307-4630 ext. 26714

Jennifer Manalang EMAIL:
Clerk III, Special Education Records PHONE: (510) 307-4632 Fax: (510) 724-8829

Carolyn Dunn EMAIL:
Clerk II, Occupational Therapy Department PHONE: (510) 307-4648

Christine Edwards EMAIL:
Clerk III, Educationally Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS) PHONE: (510) 307-4630 Ext. 26726

Assistive Technology Paraprofessional PHONE: (510) 307-4524

Carina Saltiga EMAIL:
Accounting Technician PHONE: (510) 307-4672

Mika Chisaki EMAIL:
Secretary, Visually Impaired/Deaf Hard of Hearing PHONE: (510) 307-4642

Cecilia Heianna EMAIL:
Special Education School Community Outreach Worker - Bilingual PHONE: (510)307-4630 ext. 26783

Kim Moses EMAIL:
CCEIS Coordinator PHONE: (510)307-4671

Cheryl Hazell-Smalls EMAIL:
Retired Director SPED Support PHONE: (510)307-4630