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  • ELA/ELD Framework:

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    ELA/ELD Framework  

    The West Contra Costa Unified School District English Language Arts program is designed to enable students to become articulate speakers, responsive listeners, skillful readers and writers and resourceful problem solvers who are prepared to be contributing members of our democratic society.

    Our goal is to support high quality ELA instruction in WCCUSD. The resources on this site are provided to support and enhance instruction and to support the development of knowledge of the Common Core State Standards. The Common Core State Standards Initiative offers a portrait of what capacities students need in order to be College and Career Ready in Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening (CCR).

    These CCR competencies inform our goal that all WCCUSD students will:

    • demonstrate independence and strong content knowledge in reading and writing
    • adapt their communication style to audience and purpose
    • are discerning readers and listeners
    • comprehend as well as critique
    • cite specific evidence when offering oral or written interpretations of text
    • employ technology thoughtfully  and
    • actively seek to understand other  perspectives and cultures

    We love hearing about new resources so please share your expertise with us!