• READ 180 Universal and System 44 are reading intervention programs which are supported through the Teaching, Learning & Leading (TLL) Office. Contact Dr. Sarah Breed (sarah.breed@wccusd.net) with questions or concerns.
    Read 180 software access: via Clever or use URL https://h100003148.education.scholastic.com (both teachers and students)

    OVERVIEW of READ 180/System 44 PROGRAM

    Please see Read 180/System 44_Implementation & Placement Guidelines for information to assist with placing students and implementing the program.


    Students complete the Reading Inventory assessment at the beginning of the year for appropriate placement. Students with initial lexile scores of 600 or below also complete the Phonics Inventory for possible placement into the System 44 software.

    Assessment windows for 2019-20:

    • 1st window - initial RI/PI                 8/26/2019 - 9/13/2019
    • 2nd window - RI ONLY                    11/1/2019 - 11/15/2019
    • 3rd window - mid-year RI/PI            2/3/2020 - 2/14/2020
    • 4th window - end-of-year RI/PI      5/11/2020 - 5/22/2020

Contact Us

  • Contact Dr. Sarah Breed (sarah.breed@wccusd.net) with questions or concerns.