• Welcome to the WCCUSD African American Site Advisory Team

    The WCCUSD African American Site Advisory Team (AASAT) is an advisory group made up of Parents/Guardians and District Leaders dedicated to promoting quality education for African American/Black students. The purpose of AASAT is to advise the WCCUSD School Board of Trustees and District staff on strategies that will improve academic outcomes for African American/Black students and increase the engagement of African American families. 

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AASAT Meetings

  • Why is the AASAT so important?

    Significant achievement and opportunity gaps separate low-income, Black, Latino, and American Indian students from other young Americans. In the WCCUSD, the gap is widest for African American/Black students and who. It is a moral, social, and economic imperative to ensure that future generations of students are prepared for success in college, career, and life. Our African American/Black students, as a group, have been underserved, and the AASAT seeks to change this in WCCUSD. 

    Substantial evidence exists that shows children whose parents are involved in their education have significantly increased academic achievement and cognitive development.  

    The AASAT Parent Leaders will not only advise the District on ways to improve outcomes for African American/Black students, but will also work with their school site to improve the climate and culture and increase family engagement through the creation of the African American Parent Advisory Council (AAPAC).


    Who is on the AASAT?

    AASAT membership is extended to all members of a school site’s AAPAC. An AASAT delegate is a member selected by their site’s AAPAC to be a voting member at the AASAT meeting. Staff members representing District Leadership also attend AASAT meetings. 

    The 2022-2023 AASAT meeting schedule.  All meetings are 6pm-8pm on Zoom.

    October 17, 2022 

    November 15, 2022 

    February 28, 2023 

    April 18, 2023 

    May 16, 2023




  • What is the Role of the AASAT?

    • Advise on the goals, programs and services to support African American/Black student achievement and family engagement that should be considered for the Single Plan for Student Achievement and the District Local Control Accountability Plan.
    • Work with the school  Principal to ensure that their child’s school has a functioning AAPAC.
    • Support school staff in conducting a climate and culture needs assessment at their child’s school site
    • Review and advise on the communication and outreach efforts that WCCUSD uses to engage African American/Black families.
    • Advocate for programs and services that will increase African American and Black students’ preparation for college and career.
    • Attend AASAT capacity-building meetings regularly and share information with school principals.


    Office of African American Student Achievement

    The Office of African American Student Achievement (OAASA) is designed to support African American/Black student achievement. Through collaboration with district staff, parents, students, and community, a laser light focus on student achievement for Black students is examined.

    Working with the AAPACs and the AASAT, inclusive of all stakeholders, a community approach is taken to provide the best opportunity possible for student success.

    Parent/guardian and family engagement is an important piece of the work. Various workshops are held throughout the year to support learning at all levels.