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  • Building Blocks for Business is our Agent-Assisted Virtual Enrollment Service provider. They have returned for all of our 125 Flex, Dependent Care and Commuter Benefit needs as well as voluntary health programs (life insurance, disability insurance, etc.). This program requires you to enroll EACH YEAR and make new elections. Look for an email from Building Blocks for Business. In-person visits will NOT be required as in the past. Enrollment via phone or internet with extended call times will be available to you during the open enrollment period.

    It is Open Enrollment now through December 23, 2022, time for your Supplemental & FSA Benefits options available to you as an employee of our company!  They offer a comprehensive portfolio of plans designed to help provide financial protection during challenging times.  It's important to review these options again at open enrollment, as this is your opportunity to make changes, if desired.

    Please note, it is required to complete this session, regardless of any selections.

    To watch a video regarding the Virtual Enrollment Process & the benefits, please CLICK HERE.

    Open Enrollment now through December 23, 2022!

    These plans are offered at our worksite through the Colonial Supplemental Insurance Company.  You will each conduct a personal review of the plans with a licensed Benefit Advisor of their enrollment firm - Building Blocks for Business.  You may choose either a Telephone or Webinar enrollment (computer/internet required), whichever you prefer.

    There are many options for scheduling your appointment.  Choose one of the following to set up this important meeting:

    All eligible employees should schedule an appointment with a Building Blocks Advisor during open enrollment.

Dental Coverage: Delta Dental PPO

  • In this incentive plan, Delta Dental pays 70% of the PPO contract allowance for covered diagnostic, preventive, and basic services and 70% of the PPO contract allowance for major services during the first year of eligibility.

    The coinsurance percentage will increase by 10% each year (to a maximum of 100%) for each enrollee if that person visits the dentist at least once during the year. If an enrollee does not use the plan during the calendar year, the percentage remains at the level attained the previous year. If an enrollee becomes ineligible for benefits and later regains eligibility, the percentage will drop back to 70%. For more information, please see the employee flyer below.

    Delta Dental Employee Flyer

    Delta Dental Enrollment Form

    Save with PPO

    Visit a dentist in the PPO network to maximize your savings. These dentists have agreed to reduce fees, and you won't get charged more than your expected share of the bill.

    Find a PPO dentist at

    To contact Delta Dental directly:

Vision Coverage: VSP

  • As a VSP member, you can visit your VSP doctor for medical and urgent eye care. Your VSP doctor can diagnose, treat, and monitor common eye conditions like pink eye, and more serious conditions like sudden vision loss, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, and cataracts. For more details, please contact your VSP doctor.

    VSP Employee Flyer

    VSP Enrollment Form

    Plan Information

    • VSP Doctor Network: VSP Signature
    • Primary EyeCare Copay: $5.00

    To contacts VSP directly:

Catastrophic Leave Bank

  • A catastrophic illness or injury is defined as an illness or injury that is expected to incapacitate the employee for an extended period of time, or that incapacitate a member of the employee's family whose incapacitation requires the employee to take off from work for an extended period of time to care for that family member and taking extended time off work creates a financial hardship for the employee because he/she has exhausted all his/her sick leave. A doctor's verification is required.
    An employee's family is defined as spouse, child, stepchild, domestic partner, or parent of the employee.
    To participate in the program, you must contribute one personal illness day to the catastrophic leave bank. To contribute, cancel or apply for the program, please complete the form below.
    Catastrophic Leave Program Contribution and Request Form (This form is not to contribute to the bank. You will receive an email to make a contribution to the bank.)
    Visit ESS (certification) to confirm that you have donated to the program.
    For more information, please see the Catastrophic Leave Policy MOU.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): MHN

  • An Employee Assitance Program (EAP) is a service designed to help you manage life's challenges. At MHN, they customize EAP solutions by understanding your unique needs and then offering the appropriate assistance or referrals.

    The following services, paid by your employer, are available to eligible members.

    • Clinical Counseling:
      • Marriage, relationship, and family problems
      • Domestic violence
      • Alcohol and drug dependency
      • Stress and anxiety
      • Depression
      • Grief and loss
    • Work & Life Services:
      • Childcare and eldercare assistance
      • Financial services
      • Legal services
      • Identity theft recovery services
      • Daily living services

    For more information on the services provided, see MHN EAP Employee Informational Flyer.

    To contact MHN directly:


  • For union contracts and contact information, please visit our Unions page.

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