• "As an African American parent/guardian, why should I get involved with the African-American Parent Advisory Council (AAPAC)?" 

    Well, I’m so glad that you asked. First of all, you should do it because you care for and love your child, and want them to achieve academic excellence.

    It is well documented that African American students perform at higher levels in school when their parent/guardian is engaged in their learning efforts. I do not know of any African American/Black parent or guardian who doesn’t want their child to do well. I have discovered that what has been missing is providing the parent/guardian with the appropriate opportunity and tools that will enable them to become advocates for their King and Queen.

    The WCCUSD has the opportunities and tools for Black parents/guardians, such as the African American Parent Advisory Council (AAPAC). The purpose of AAPAC is to work with the school to identify needs and opportunities for African American/Black students to achieve academically at high levels, and to identify strategies and resources that will eliminate barriers to their achievement. Our Black parents/guardians have so much wisdom to bring to the table to ensure the success of your Kings and Queens in the classroom.

    I will leave you with this quote: If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always gotten. It is time to do something different. Today, something different is for you to reach out to the Principal at your child's school and find out how you can join the AAPAC at that site.

    I want to congratulate you in advance for making the crucial decision to support your King and/or Queen on their academic journey for excellence. Now, as you prepare to attend your first AAPAC meeting, arrive ready to participate and leave prepared to take action. 


    Mr. Andre Shumake, Sr.
    School Community Outreach Workers, OAASA

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