• What is the African American Parent Advisory Council?

    The African American Parent Advisory Council is a group of parents/guardians of African American students (along with school staff) coming together to ensure the success of their children, and ultimately all African American students at their school. It is an advocacy group made up of at least 6-8 parents/guardians and 1 Administrator. AAPAC can also include 1-2 teachers and family engagement staff but the majority of the Council members should be parents/guardians.

    Through quarterly meetings, AAPAC members receive information, tools, and networking opportunities to help ensure the academic success of African American students. AAPAC is responsible for advising the Principal and School Site Council on programs and services that will increase academic outcomes for African- American students at the school. AAPAC also advises on how to create a welcoming school environment for all African American families.

    AAPAC is not designed to isolate African American students and their families. The Council’s purpose is to work with the school to identify the barriers to African- American student achievement and to advocate for the strategies, tools and resources that will eliminate those barriers. African American families have incredible funds of knowledge that schools need to ensure the success of their students. AAPAC gives the content experts (the school staff) an opportunity to partner with the child experts (the families) in ways that lead to improved outcomes for African American students.

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