National Board in West Contra Costa

National Board Certified Teachers in WCCUSD

  • Newly National Board Certified Teachers 2018 

    Jessica Vasquez Knierim 2018 National Board Certified Teacher My name is Jessica Vazquez Knierim and I am the 3rd grade TBE (bilingual) teacher at Ford Elementary. I started teaching in 2000 right out of college without a credential when there was a teacher shortage. Two years ago, I decided to start the process for National Board Certification after having completed my Master’s Degree. I decided that with all of the Common Core and technology shifts that we had experienced in our field since completing my credential in 2003, I might as well make all of the studying, research, and evolution in my planning and teaching official with a Master’s degree and certification.

    I believe the National Board process has helped strengthen my teaching because it has strengthened my evaluation and diagnostic skills: both self-evaluation and the evaluation of my students’ work and progress. I feel that now, I know what resources to use to plan to successfully meet my students’ diverse needs better than I ever did before. Our profession is constantly evolving and sometimes spirals back to older strategies, but there is always new research about how we can better meet the needs of our ever-changing student populations. The strategies and tools that have stood the test of time are invaluable, but the certification process ensures that we are continuously growing as professionals through keeping current with our techniques and self-evaluation.


  • Newly Certified Teacher 2020

    Jennifer Hague

    Lupine Hills


    Reflections from Jennifer on the National Board Process:

    Hands down the most meaningful and powerful professional development I’ve done.  It  was also the most difficult and challenging work of my professional life.  I had to shift and develop a  growth mindset as I faced setbacks and hardships with the work and in my personal life.  I dove into National Board Certification because I wanted to improve my teaching practice, become more confident in leadership roles and be a stronger advocate for early childhood education.  As a result,  I’ve  developed stronger bonds with my students and families. I think deeply about equity and diversity in all of decision making including classroom management, curriculum, teaching strategies and communication.  I’ve learned a tremendous amount on goal setting and using age appropriate assessments that are meaningful for my students.  I am continually reflecting on my practice, and classroom systems to make adjustments to impact student growth and learning.  

    I appreciate the help and support from Cinda Rapp, Mary-Ann Lafosse and all the other National Board teachers and candidates in WCCUSD.  Our Saturday PD sessions were so helpful!   I’m looking forward to continuing my work with ILT, PTA, UTR and as a site level ELTL.  I continue to develop professionally with my work with WCCUSD’s ILC project,  using capacity to develop capacity in our teachers, to promote Equity and Social Justice using Read Alouds of Multicultural and Diversity Literature for more Culturally Responsive Classrooms.