• Induction is designed to support you in building on what you learned in your preparation program.  It will challenge you to advance your practice and help your students thrive.  Through the supportive context of Induction, you have the opportunity to continue on your journey toward becoming a highly skilled and reflective educator.

    How do I complete Induction?

    In each year of Induction's two-year program, you will develop a year-long inquiry through an Individual Learning Plan (ILP), which focuses on a specific aspect of your teaching.  Through the Inquiry you will:

    • Utilize standards, collect evidence and assess your teaching practice
    • Employ strategies to provide all students equitable access to the core curriculum
    • Appropriately differentiate instruction within your inquiry focus
    • Examine the effects of instructional design-making on student learning
    • Build a partnership with families and colleagues to support student success
    • Create an identity-safe learning environment that supports all students in reaching their full potential
    • Develop as a culturally competent educator

    Each year you will attend professional development events and meetings that support your individualized inquiry and program completion.  Your Support Provider will meet with you on a weekly basis to engage in inquiry-related activites that will build your teaching and reflective skills.

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    Completion Requirements (Click here for Induction at a Glance)

    • Meetings and Professional Development
      • Induction Orientation (Year 1 only)
      • ILP Workshop 
      • ILP Triad Meeting with your Support Provider and Site Administrator 
      • Weekly Support and Collaboration Meetings with your Support Provider
    • Inquiry
      • Individual Learning Plan
        • Self-assess teaching practice using the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs)
        • Create SMART goals and action plans around the CSTPs
        • Conduct three cycles of inquiry
        • Reflect on moments of growth and learning and how it impacts your teaching practice
        • Share ILP-related evidence that shows professional growth in the CSTPs
      • Induction Program Logs
        • Track professional development activities
        • Submit to TIP Office twice a year (via Google Classroom)
    • Online Induction Program Evaluation
      • Mid-Year and End-of-Year Surveys