• Join West Contra Costa Unified School District's Teacher Induction Program!

    We invite you to be a part of TIP, which engages educators through a community of support and professional growth.  Induction serves as the process by which a California teacher earns his/her Clear Credential.  Our two-year program is an inquiry-based program in which each participating teacher (PT) develops a job-embedded and individualized inquiry that focuses on self-determined aspects of his/her teaching practice.

    Are you eligible for TIP?

    • Do you currently hold a Preliminary Credential in at least one of the following areas?
      • Multiple Subject
      • Single Subject
      • Education Specialist
    • Are you a second-year Teach For America (TFA) Corps member and have completed a Preliminary credential program?
    • Have you previously taught out-of-state and must satisfy the professional level requirement by completing a Commission-approved Induction Program?

    If your answer to one of the previous questions is "Yes," then you are eligible to enroll in TIP!  Enroll HERE and we will be in touch soon!

    Additional information and resources for Participating Teachers (Preliminary credentialed teachers) and Support Providers (mentors who are seasoned teachers) can be found on their individual pages.