Alumnus returns to PVJHS Law and Justice Academy

Posted by Allison Huie on 9/23/2019

2015 Pinole Valley High School graduate, Garrett Dibble, returned to his Alma Mater on Friday to share his experience as an Officer with the Hercules Police Department with students in the Law and Justice Academy. 

Ofc. Garrett Dibble

Ofc. Dibble credits his experience in the PVHS Law and Justice Academy and the Police Explorers program while he was in high school as critical events that helped set him on the path to becoming an officer. 

At just 22 years old, Ofc. Dibble's candid presentation struck a chord with his rapt audience. The teens were eager to ask him questions and listened intently as he shared with joy his experience. Ofc. Dibble regaled the room full of Juniors with captivating tales about his adventures on the police force and fielded questions from students about everything from his preparation in the Police Academy to what it's like to be involved in a high speed chase, to his take on the issue of police brutality.   This talk was an amazing opportunity for students to learn about the law enforcement career field first-hand from a near-peer. 

L & J Academy emblem

This presentation was the culminating activity in the PVHS Law and Justice Academy's annual Reverse Job Shadow event.  With the help of Junior Achievement and various industry partners, students had the opportunity to explore possible career paths and begin to plan steps towards them.  The popular event is a highlight of every Junior in the Law and Justice Academy's year.