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Why I got Vaccinated, December 13, 2021


A message from student Trustees

Irene Kou, WCCUSD Student Trustee

Hi! My name is Irene Kou (she/they) and I am a senior at De Anza High School. The main reason why I got vaccinated was to keep myself and others safe in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19. It’s important for students to get vaccinated because young people are carriers of the virus to the more vulnerable populations. As someone who is around people that are high-risk, I want to make sure that I have the peace of mind that I’m doing my best to keep them safe. Remember to get vaccinated to attend schools as the deadline to be fully vaccinated is January 3, 2022. (And if you are vaccinated, please upload your vaccine card onto PowerSchool!)


Justin Trujillo, WCCUSD Student Trustee

My name is Justin Trujillo and I am a senior at Pinole Valley High School. Honestly, getting vaccinated was something I was a little scared of at first. I don't like needles and just didn't know much about the vaccine's safety. After doing research, I felt much better but still was scared. What made me end up getting vaccinated was realizing all my friends were getting it and I could go back to living life with less fear if I did too. I decided to ask my mom to make my appointment and got it that same week. I experienced no symptoms either time and began feeling much safer when going out. Eventually, I even convinced my parents to get it too.

In the end, despite my initial fears I do not regret getting vaccinated and encourage everyone to. While I find needles are scary, I find getting COVID and spreading it to others to be far scarier. Remember to get vaccinated.


Please continue to upload your vaccination card to participate in our second raffle this Friday, December 17th. All you have to do is upload your vaccination card to the District's secure website at: We created an online tutorial to show you how to upload vaccinations documentation: Instructions and video.