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    • An RFP (Request for Proposal) was sent out to all direct services providers that provided services in the 2022/23 school year.  We also included any extra partners that were provided to us and any that responded to our advertisement.
    • The proposals that were submitted were evaluated by Directors and Coordinators that oversee College & Career, Social Emotional Services, Academic Programs, Community Schools Coordination, Youth Development, OAASA/PAASS, and Expanded Learning.
    • A list of partners and a brief description of services are presented to the board for approval.
    • Once the board approves the providers, Master Contracts will be sent to the providers.  
    • Partners will be added to the program book.
    • Partners are not to contact Schools or Departments.
    • Schools/Departments can choose from the program booklet.
    • Principals and sites connect with program point of contact to gather service terms.
    • Schools/Departments complete the Contract request form and vetting that will be available in Informed K12 which replaces the google form.
    • Partners will be approved or not approved through the vetting process.
    • If the partner is approved, an exhibit B contract and a requisition will be created.
    • A roster form will be sent out to the partners to be completed and then submitted to the Community Engagement Department.
    • Community Engagement will issue badges.
    • If the contract amount exceeds the board limit ($25K for general fund or $50K for all other resources) it will be added to the next available board summary.  Note that this is a per-year cumulative total for the partner.
    • The requisition is converted into a Purchase order and the fully executed exhibit B is completed.  Both are sent to the partner.
    • Services may begin.

    If the partner you are looking for is not in the program booklet please contact Nancy Garcia at 510-231-1140



    • $0 – $9,999                    One written/formal quote is required.

    • $10,000 – $114,500       Three written/formal quotes are required.  Current bid limit per public contract code 20111 $109,300 (2022) adjusted annually. 

    • $114,500 – up                 Formal bidding including advertising and Board award of contracts as required under Public Contract Code 20111, adjusted annually. A piggyback bid can also be utilized once it has been approved.

    • Complete the Contract request form and vetting
    • Complete the 22-23 Non-Direct Services Agreement Packet in informed k12
    • Create a Munis requisition



    • Consultants whose services total $50,000 and above for categorical funding must be approved by the Board of Education. 
    • Board limit for Unrestricted and LCAP funds is $25,000

    A consultant is a person, company or corporation who is not an employee of the District and is not entitled to any rights, benefits or protections, which accrue to employees of the District. A consultant is an independent contractor who is hired to provide services for the District for a specific period of time. The authority/approval to hire a consultant is a combination District signature approval process and a Governing Board function. Accordingly, no District staff may authorize a consultant to begin work until all of the paperwork has been completed and appropriately approved. 


    » NOTE: Allowing a consultant to provide services prior to proper approval and issuance of a purchase order constitutes an unauthorized purchase for which the requesting originator and/or principal/department head will be held personally liable (Board Policy 3310).



    Submit the Contract request and vetting form if the contract exceeds 10K

    Submit the 22/23 Non-Direct Services Agreement packet through Informed K12 at least six weeks prior to the date services are required. Forms must be completed in Informed K12.

    Munis Requisition

    Follow the instructions in the Munis manual on how to create a contract requisition.

    • Start Date: contracts will not be processed if they are backdated for after the fact services.
    • End Date: contracts must end by June 30th of the current year.
    • Description: Should be it least 1 paragraph and must match the purpose on the Consultant Services Summary. 

    Non Direct Services - Agreement Packet, step by step instructions:

    Consultant Services Summary: (First 3 pages) Complete all sections including annual measurable outcomes. 

    Independent Contractor Agreement for Special Services 

    • Date: Enter the date the form is being completed 
    • This Agreement, by and between: Enter the company name or individual name of the contractor here. 
    • Services: Enter the information entered in the Description of Services on the summary or if you need more space enter the information on the exhibit A. (Last page of the document). 
    • Price and Payment: Enter the amount in the appropriate section 
    • Agreement Time: Enter the start and end dates, enter the same date in both fields if the services are for one day. 
    • Notice: Enter your school or site information on the district side. 
    • Fingerprinting:If this consultant will be unsupervised around students they need to be fingerprinted.  Select the first box and attach fingerprinting varification.  If they will be supervised at all times check the second box and enter the name of the district representative (usually the principal) and have them initial. 
    • TB Screening: Check the first box if they have TB clearance on file or check the second box if the consultant will not work directly with students on more thaan an occasional basis.  Principal needs to initial. 
    • Insurance: Insurance can be waived if the consultant will be supervised at all times or will not have contact with students.  Principal / Site Director must initial if waived. 
    • Signature Page: Complete the district section and have the Principal / Site Directos sign.


    Submitting the Document (Initiator):

    • Click on the Red rectangle and select "Send to Next Approver": 
    • Pop-up question asking "Are you a Principal / Director completing this form?"
      • Answer No: To send to the Principal or Director so they can initial and sign
      • Answer Yes: To send directly to the Consultant

     Submitting the Document (Principal or Director)

    • Click on the Red rectangle and select "Send to Next Approver": 
    • Pop-up question asking "Who does this form need to be sent to next?"
    • Secretary / Office Manager: Select this option to send to your Secretary / Office Manager so that they can send to the consultant for you.
    • Consultant: Select this option to enter the consultant email yourself.


    » Under limited circumstances, when a consultant's contract is used in lieu of the District's Agreement for Special Contract Services the contract will be subject to review and modification by District's Legal Counsel and must be submitted to purchasing for review before any agreements are made.

     Don’t forget to Attach an unsigned PDF of the Non-Direct Services - Agreement Packet and any attachments to your Munis requisition.    

    Purchasing will generate the purchase order after the Informed K12 agreement and Munis requisition has been approved.


    Consultants whose services total $50,000 and above for categorical funding must be approved by the Board of Education.  Board limit for Unrestricted and LCAP funds is $25,000.

    It is imperative that the consultant services approval package be submitted to Purchasing at least six weeks prior to the service date to ensure sufficient time to complete the approval process. The printing deadline for board agenda items is two (2) weeks prior to the date of the board meeting. If all signed contract paperwork and the fully approved Munis requisition are not to purchasing by the printing deadline, your request cannot even be considered for approval until the next scheduled board meeting. Board meetings are scheduled on the first and third Wednesdays of the month.


    It is imperative that the Non-Direct Services - Agreement Packet be submitted in Informed K12 at least six weeks prior to the service date to ensure sufficient time to complete the approval process.


    Consultants should not be paid in advance. Please advise the consultant that the District will make the payment after the service has been provided. In those instances when the consultant will provide the service only if payment is made immediately after the service is performed, the originator must obtain a Pro Forma invoice from the consultant and attach the Pro Forma invoice to the consultant services requisition, indicating on the form the date required for payment. The Accounting Department will release a warrant to you, made payable to the consultant, for payment upon the completion of the services rendered.

     » Payments made in excess of $1,500 to California nonresidents, including corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships that do not have a permanent place of business in this state are subject to 7% state income tax withholding (California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 18662). Tax exempt organizations, under either California or federal law are exempt from 7% withholding.


    The Accounting Department is responsible for making payments to the consultant only after they have received;

    1. An invoice for services rendered, referencing the purchase order number which authorized the service (submit to accountspayable@wccusd.net)
    2. The invoice to be paid has been approved.

            (The consultant cannot be paid without these two items.)



    1. Create a Change order in Munis using the instructions on page 54 of the Munis Manual.
    2. Submit an Amendment to Special Contract Services.
    3. Board Approval will be required if the Consultant has reached the board limit through this or other contracts with the school district.



    If a contract needs to be terminated, use this form: Termination of Special Contract Services

    QUESTIONSContact Mary Kitchen at (510) 231-1192 or mkitchen@wccusd.net