• The uniform waiver request form will be posted as soon as its update is complete.

    The uniform requirement for students began at all elementary and middle schools beginning October 9, 2006. This policy was put into place because the Board of Education believes that school uniforms will assist in:

    • Promoting safe, focused learning environments
    • Building a positive school climate
    • Reducing ethnic and racial tensions
    • Bridging socio-economic differences between children
    • Promoting positive student behavior
    • Improving children's self-respect and self-esteem
    • Decreasing school violence
    • Minimizing the loss of expensive student clothing
    • Helping students and parents resist peer pressure
    • Allowing school officials to easily recognize intruders on campuses
    • Improving morale and school pride
    • Producing cost savings for participating families  
    In addition, schools with successful uniform programs tend to enjoy higher academic result.
    Uniform Complaint Procedures: English | Español
    Complaint Form: English | Español
    Uniform Waiver Form: English