Demographic and Performance Data on California’s schools and districts can be found on the California Department of Education Dataquest website:  http://data1.cde.ca.gov/dataquest/ or the California Student Dashboard https://www.caschooldashboard.org/



    Requests for Existing Data

    For data not available on Dataquest or the CA Dashboard, requests may be made to the Data Team in the Technology Department:


    • Internal Data Requests.  Requests can be made to IT HelpDesk at helpdesk.wccusd.net.
    • External Data Requests. For data-only requests from current WCCUSD partners, complete and submit the Data Privacy Agreement + Data Request Checklist.  Depending on the magnitude and complexity of the data request, it may take up to two months to fulfill a data request. If a Data Privacy Agreement has been completed and additional data is being requested, please complete and submit a second Data Request Checklist. Contact James Contreras @ james.contreras@wccusd.net for external data requests. 


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