• Office / Classroom Supplies 

    ** Items in red will no longer be inventoried when stock has been depleted **

    Stock Number Description Price Unit of Measure
    443200Envelopes, White Legal, Return Address 500/Box$13.34Box
    443309Envelopes, White, Wndw Legal W/ Rtrn Add, 500/Box Top Flap$15.99Box
    443312Envelopes, White, Wndw Legal W/Rtrn Add, 500/ Bottom Flap$20.74Box
    443350Envelopes,Leg/Ret Add/Bulk Mail$13.03Box
    519009Flag Holder, For Classroom Flag$0.84Each
    512004Flag, Classroom, 12" X 18" U.S.$1.63Each
    516005Flag, Outdoor, 4' X 6' Bear California State$28.10Each
    514000Flag, Outdoor, 4' X 6' U.S.$21.05Each
    594002Pencil Sharpener$18.47Each
    593004Pencil Sharpener Receptacle$3.44Each
    596007Pencil Sharpener Repair Kit, Blades Onl10$10.32Each
    415000Plan Book Teacher's Lesson$3.01Each

    Records Storage Carton, 10"x 12"x 15" With Lid
    **For Records Retention Only**
    Required Label:  Record Retention Label

    401006Surge Protector, 6 Ft$16.93Each
    637099Tape, Packaging-Clear$5.36Roll