Purchase Requisition 

    For ordering almost all supplies and materials.
    For making multiple purchases from the same vendor throughout the school year.
    A contract can be a maintenance contract on a piece of equipment, someone coming to your school for an event or to perform a service.
    For attending a conference or workshop, this requisition will have a line item for each aspect of the travel ie: Registration, Lodging, Airfare and Reimbursement. 
    »Increase (Purchase Order Change Order)
    An increase is necessary when a purchase order needs increased at any time during the school year. Most commonly used to increase a blanket purchase order but is also used to increase a regular order when the invoice exceeds the purchase order amount.

    Stores Inventory/Warehouse Requisition

    For ordering district forms, materials and standard school supplies as listed in the warehouse catalog.

    Purchase Requisition

    Create a purchase requisition in Munis at least (60) sixty days prior to the date wanted for delivery. 

    All purchase requisitions must comply with proper entry of data into Munis.  Obtain a quote from the vendor and attach it to the Munis requisition.

    There is a $50.00 minimum order for all purchase requisitions, due to the cost of processing and issuing a purchase order. All orders of less than $50.00 must be purchased using your petty cash fund. Purchase requisitions received under $50.00 will be rejected and disencumbered.

    You cannot purchase items directly from a vendor using a print out of your purchase requisition or you may be held personally liable for the purchase. The purchase requisition is a request for approval that is validated by securing certain electronic approvals. The order will be approved once Purchasing has processed and issued a "purchase order" which indicates approval and authorization for the purchase.

    NOTE: Ordering merchandise without a purchase order is a violation of Board Policy section BP3310 for which the District has no financial obligation to pay the vendor. (Refer to Section P-005/1).

    Postage may be reimbursed by the petty cash fund for an amount not to exceed 100.00 (petty cash fund purchases are limited to a maximum of $100 per item). You may enter a requisition for postage in Munis not to exceed $500.00.

    NOTE: It is helpful if the requisition originator can name a source for the needed items and provide the name of the person providing the price quote. This information may be used by Purchasing as the initial competitive price quotation. The requisition originator must avoid making (or appearing to make) any purchase commitment. While the originator specifies the quantity, quality, and type of items needed, Purchasing is responsible for seeking the procurement of requested items from the most economical and responsible source. Accordingly, the source given by the requisition originator may or may not be the source of procurement used by the Purchasing Department.

    Delivery by District Warehouse, (Non Warehouse Items)

    In general, receiving of supplies, materials, and equipment will be performed by the District Warehouse and delivered to your site by District employees except for orders placed with District approved on-line ordering vendors, large, bulky, or heavy items, non-inventoried books, etc., which may be delivered to your site directly by the vendor. Upon delivery by the warehouse, items should be checked for accuracy and damage. Notify the warehouse within 48 hours of delivery of any problems with your order.

    Direct Delivery by Vendor

    If merchandise is delivered directly to your site from a vendor you need to receive the items in the receiving database.

    This will allow accounting to verify you have received the order so they can pay the invoice.

    Note: if items are delivered to you from our warehouse you do not need to receive them. Also do not receive items in the receiving database if you ordered them on a blanket purchase order.

    Returning Goods

    1. Merchandise delivered to and received by the Warehouse, which is not in conformance with the purchase order, will be held by the Warehouse until the discrepancy is resolved by Purchasing. Purchasing will advise the requisition originator of receiving discrepancies and corrective actions being taken.

    2. Merchandise delivered to the site by the Warehouse:

    a. If there is a need to return merchandise for any reason, notify the Purchasing Department; do not call the vendor or the Warehouse. This is necessary for continuity and audit trail purposes.

    (1) Reason for return

    (2) Purchase order number

    (3) Vendor name

    (4) Specific item(s) to be returned and dollar value(s)

    b. Hold the merchandise until advised by the Purchasing Department that the return is authorized.

    c. After Purchasing has received authorization from the vendor for the return, Warehouse personnel will pick up the item(s) on the regularly scheduled warehouse delivery day (unless an urgent response is needed). All return packages must be marked with the vendor's name, purchase order number, and a list of the contents.

    NOTE: Ordering merchandise without a purchase order is a violation of Board Policy and return of such merchandise to the vendor is the responsibility of the person placing the order. The District has no obligation to pay for goods not previously authorized by a purchase order. (Refer to Section P-005)

    Changing or Canceling Purchase Orders

    In those instances where, after a purchase order has been sent to the vendor, the requisition originator finds it necessary to request a change relative to the quantity, size, description, stock number, dollar value, etc. of an item or items, or to request cancellation of an item or the entire purchase order, the following actions should be taken.

    Contact the Purchasing Department at 231-1190.

    1. Depending on your request, the Purchasing Department will make the necessary changes and notify the vendor.

    2. If, for any reason, the changes are not possible, Purchasing will notify the requisition originator.

    3. Changes requested by the vendor will be authorized by the Purchasing Department after coordination with the requisition originator.

    Purchase Requisition/Order Follow-Up

    If you do not receive a notification that your purchase requisition has been approved within four weeks after submitting a requisition, then you should:

    1. Open Requisition entry and look up your requisition

    2. Look to see if a purchase order number has been issued, if one has been issued your order has been placed.

    3. If a purchase order has not been issued look at the approvals and notice if someone has rejected your requisition or if someone is holding it; perhaps they have a question. Call them.

    When To Contact The Vendor

    Once Purchasing has processed your order but goods have not been received within 45 days, the originator should initiate a direct inquiry with the vendor to determine shipment status. Extreme care must be taken, however, to preclude initiating a duplicate shipment or changing a purchase order. Direct inquiry with vendors is only for the purpose of obtaining shipment status. If there is any problem which precludes timely shipment or if there are possible changes to the original purchase order, then you must call Purchasing to coordinate the resolution of all problems with the vendor. For example, the vendor may want to ship a replacement item or it is no longer available, etc. Purchasing must resolve the problems to ensure there is no budget impact and that Accounting pays the correct invoice amount to the vendor.