• The Education Code allows prepayment only in very specific instances. Call the Purchasing Department before completing a purchase requisition to see if your request meets the criteria.

    For purchases from vendors where you will be picking up the merchandise and who will not accept a purchase order, a pro forma invoice is required. The pro forma invoice will be a regular type invoice on a company form, a quote or a no sale cash register receipt. The invoice should have the company name and describe the items being requested, their unit of issue, unit price, and total cost including tax. Any vendor literature that verifies prices should also be included.

    1. Prepare the purchase requisition in the normal manner using the Munis instructions that can be found in the Munis Manual
    2. In the description field of the requisition, after the item information, indicate that a check is required for this purchase and that the pro forma has been attached. Also indicate the name and phone number for the person accounting should call to pick up the check.
    3. Once you have created the requisition attach the pro forma to the requisition. Keep a copy for yourself so you can bring it to the vendor when you go to pick up the item(s).