Emergency Purchase Orders

    The assignment of an emergency purchase order number may be necessary when an emergency exists, but shall not be done as a matter of convenience due to a lack of planning. An emergency is defined by the Education Code as a situation where classes cannot be held, it is a matter of personnel safety, or to protect district personal property. When an emergency exists the following procedures will apply:

    1. Call the Purchasing Department and describe the nature of the emergency and the action necessary.

    2. If the situation justifies emergency action, the originator must provide a valid general fund account code that has sufficient funds to make the purchase.

    3. Purchasing will make the purchase for you

    Expediting a Purchase Requisition

    Most district requirements can be satisfied using the normal requisition processing system. However, there are occasions when urgent requirements, which are not emergencies, need to be processed in a more expeditious manner. The following procedures apply:

    »Please limit this service to absolute necessities. An urgent request disrupts the processing of routine requisitions that are important to other requisitioners. Please plan ahead whenever possible and place orders in sufficient time to preclude an urgent situation.

    1. Prepare the purchase requisition in the normal manner using Munis.

    2. Once you have submitted the requisition into workflow wait a few minutes and check workflow to see who the requisition is at now. Contact that person and ask if they can approve the requisition for you, explaining the urgency of the matter. Follow this procedure for each approver, once the requisition reaches purchasing call them and ask if the requisition can be expedited explaining the urgency in the matter.