• District personnel who contact vendors directly and initiate the purchase of goods and services are in direct violation of Governing Board policy and legal statutes. As specifically stated by Board Policy 3300 and Administrative Regulation 3300:

    "All district purchases for supplies, materials, equipment or leasing of equipment, other services or for work to be done (construction and /or repair) shall be channeled through the district purchasing department through the current district financial software system (Munis).... All purchases made or contracts let or authorized not in accordance with the above prescribed channels and/or procedures shall remain the personal liability of the individual(s) who initiate the purchase agreement with the vendor."

    Goods and/or services purchased or ordered without proper authorization are considered unauthorized purchases for which the district has no legal liability or obligation to pay vendor claims. Accordingly, unauthorized purchases will not be honored by the District. Invoices for unauthorized purchases received by the Accounting Department will be forwarded to the Associate Superintendent of Business Services for appropriate action.

    To prevent personal liability for illegal purchases, all district personnel and district representatives must follow prescribed purchasing procedures. We realize however, there are emergency or urgent requirements. If such an emergency or urgent need arises, please email the Purchasing Department at purchasing@wccusd.net