Early Learning Statement and Philosophy

  • Mission Statement
    The West Contra Costa State Preschool Program is committed to providing a rich learning experience for each child in preparation for early success in school.

    Vision Statement
    Guided by high expectations, our preschool staff will provide students with a wide range of educational opportunities that will increase student success rates. The WCCUSD Early Learning Program will promote the development of students building literacy, math, goal-setting, and critical thinking skills. In addition to engaging early learners in experiences that will enrich each child's social-emotional, physical, and creative abilities.

    All students will be provided with a classroom environment that supports the development of:

    • A safe, nurturing educational experience
    • Critical thinking skills
    • Cultivating a love of learning and building problem-solving skills
    • An appreciation for cultural differences and to enter Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten with the necessary skills to promote lifelong learning

    The philosophy of the WCCUSD State Preschool Program is to provide and promote experiences that meet the individual needs of all children.

    Program Goals
    Children are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities to prepare them:      

    • To be personally and socially competent
    • To be effective learners
    • To become critical thinkers
    • To demonstrate physical and motor competence
    • To be safe & healthy

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