Complaint Procedures

  • Complaint Procedures vary for District and County-sponsored schools. For District-sponsored schools complaints should eventually come to the District. With County-sponsored schools your complaints will eventually go the County staff.
    1. Review complaint procedures in your parent handbook-- preferably before you enroll.

    2. The most effective first step is to complain at the lowest level possible. For example if you are unhappy with a teacher, make an appointment and speak directly to him or her first. Always document every complaint in writing, including the date, and time.

    3. If you do not feel the complaint is resolved, make an appointment to talk with the site Director or Principal. Again, it is best to write out your concerns, and keep a signed (by whomever is given the complaint) and dated copy of all documents, plus any evidence.

    4. Following this step, if you are still concerned, you may speak to the Charter School Board either during the “public comment” section of the meeting, or by making an appointment. The law requires Charter Boards to give notice for the time, date and agenda of all  of these public meetings, and the law also requires boards to allow time for parents or interested public to speak at meetings.

    5. Finally, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may call and speak to the District’s Charter office. 


    District Contact: Linda Delgado,, or 510) 307-7866.
    County Contact: Pam Tyson,