• This self-assessment is intended to help Instructional Leadership Teams focus their attention on the work that matters most, both for their own development and for their school.  It is organized into four sections: foundations, which is about norms and culture; tools and skills; supports; and activities.
    This is not a test!   Your answers are for discussion purposes only and are intended to inform the workplan of your school’s ILT.   The goal is not to be a “5” on everything:  no school is. The goal is to use this survey to identify a few high-impact areas on which you can focus the work on improvement. 
    Mid-Year 2015-16: Collaboration Self-Assessment for Instructional Leadership Teams Survey
    Once your ILT has completed the survey, email Phil Gonsalves and he will send you a summary of your results. Please allow at least 24 hours to obtain the summary of the survey results.