Downloadable Parent Student Handbook in English and Spanish

    Secondary School Code of Conduct form: English | Español

    It is the mission of West Contra Costa Unified School District, in partnership with staff, parents, students, and the community, to provide a quality educational program for all students. We strive to help students develop the knowledge, skills, abilities, and values they need to flourish and reach their full potential.

    We have two purposes in establishing a district discipline plan: (1) to promote learning and growth for students as they develop self-discipline; and (2) to provide a caring and respectful environment for all. Only in such an environment can our children become the responsible young adults of the future.

    To achieve these goals, students must understand their rights and adhere to their responsibilities.

    Student Rights:

    To be safe. We need to guarantee that students have the best environment conducive to learning.

    • To be respected and treated with compassion, courtesy, and dignity regardless of race/ethnic background, gender, age, national origin, religion, physical/mental disability, sexual orientation, family structure, political beliefs, physical appearance, or financial status.

    • To hear and be heard; to express opinions, ideas, and feelings without infringing on the rights of others. Communication is essential to support learning, teaching, working, and participating.

    • To have their property respected.

    • To have privacy.

    • To be informed about what is expected of them.

    • To have fun and enjoy their high school years.

    Student Responsibilities:

    To take advantage of the academic opportunities offered and to strive for high achievement

    • To follow district and school rules and to demonstrate knowledge of all student rights and responsibilities delineated in this and related school documents, and the secondary District Basic Commitment Program.

    • To attend school regularly and be in class, in my seat or assigned station with materials out, and ready to work when the tardy bell rings.

    • To be considerate, respectful, and non-disruptive in classrooms, hallways, study areas, libraries, cafeteria, and public transportation.

    • To respect private, school, and district property, i.e. no littering, no graffiti, no stealing, no extortion, etc.

    • To wear safety IDs around the neck, visible at all times, while on campus, and to refrain from altering the safety IDs and lanyards.

    • To refrain from using electronic devices including CD players, cell phones, games, etc., at school, except before and after school and during lunch. And to comply with the WCCUSD rule that the use of electronic equipment during class time and passing times is strictly prohibited.

    • To dress according to the dress code defined in the school planner and Secondary District Basic Commitment Program. This means no garments exposing the torso; no strapless tube tops; no vests without shirts; no short shorts or short skirts; no garments with obscene or inappropriate words or pictures; no hats or other head coverings; no gang affiliated or related clothing; no see-through blouses or shirts; no low cut dresses; no sunglasses in class unless prescribed, etc.

    • To stay off every school campus, other than my own, unless I have explicit written permission from my principal or my principal’s designee.

    • To understand and accept that the following are not tolerated on campus: 1. Sexual harassment of any individual. 2. Committing an obscene act or engaging in profanity or vulgarity 3. Alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. 4. Weapons or other dangerous items. 5. Fighting (which is a cause for expulsion), as well as encouraging or instigating a disruption or fight; spreading harmful rumors or or falsehoods that result in a student conflict; leaving class or campus to watch a disruption; or refusing to respond to requests to leave the scene of a conflict.

    Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

    To support all students in reaching their full potential by making sure they are in school daily and completing all required homework on time.

    • To ensure that students understand their rights and their responsibilities—including students being in class every day and being on time

    • To help the school promote the basic values listed above, and to provide the students with what they need to succeed.

    • To protect and nurture all students demonstrating the true meaning of community spirit.

    Students who do not fulfill the responsibilities listed above will be subject to disciplinary action.
    Further information can be obtained from the WCCUSD Secondary District Basic Commitment Program