"Whole Child, Whole Community"

  • Dental Clinic at Peres Elementary  WCCUSD Gloden Bell Award

Message From Our County Supervisor

  • Supervisor Gioia


    "Students, parents and community members all benefit from Full Service

    Community Schools. Community schools provide comprehensive academic,

    social and health services for students, their families and the

    neighborhood around the school. These services result in improved

    educational and health outcomes and increased parent involvement in

    schools.  The partnership between the West Contra Costa Unified School

    District, Contra Costa County, and West County cities is essential to the

    ongoing success of our community schools effort. One tangible result 

    all high schools in the WCCUSD have health services available to their


                                -John Gioia

  • To learn more about the Health Services availble to Students of WCCUSD click here