2019 stemfair
    The WCCUSD STEM Fair takes place for students in grades 6-12 in February of each year. Teachers are
    encouraged to assign a project to every student in the fall, and hold a fair at their own site, before
    selecting those which will go on to the district fair. District STEM Fair winners may be eligible to
    advance to regional and state fairs.  More resources are found in the links below.


    WCCUSD STEM Fair Categories
    for each grade level 6-12:
    • Physical Science
    • Biological Science
    • Behavioral Science
    • Engineering/Tech/Innovation (format project using Engineering Design Process rather than Scientific Method)


    STEM Fair judges award points based on:

    • Problem & Hypothesis (SEP 1)
    • Quality of Science
      • Design of Investigation (SEP 3)
      • Data and Analysis (SEP 4 & 5)
      • Discussion of Results (SEP 6 & 7)
    • Communication & Presentation (SEP 8)