• ILT Mini-Modules:

    These mini-modules are intended to be resources for individuals and/or school teams to learn about or revisit what the basic skills and tools of collaboration.  The modules are:  


    Module 1: Setting and Using Norms

    Each module includes:
    1. A “Quick Guide,” which is a two-page document that summarizes the key ideas and provides and overview of the key tool and how to use it.  Individuals new to ILTs who need a quick primer on one of these topics might start by reading the Quick Guide.
    2. One or more tools or templates. They are discussed in the Quick Guide. 
    3. A scenario, which is short description of a school team wrestling with learning or using these ideas. The scenario includes questions for discussion and includes a role-play. The scenario is a good way for a team to review one of the topics above and can help build a shared understanding across the team about how and why they want to use these tools and ideas.
    4. Some modules also include additional resources. These include both videos of school teams working with these ideas and documents  that explore ideas and tools more deeply than is possible in the two page Quick Guides.