• The West Contra Costa School District is committed to providing a safe environment and positive school climate to all of our students and employees. In our schools, all students have the right to be educated in a safe and positive environment that is free from sexual and gender-based harassment, discrimination, intimidation, and bullying. To put it simply, sexual and gender-based harassment, discrimination, intimidation and bullying will not be tolerated in our District. 

    The Office of Educational Equity (OEE) is responsible for ensuring compliance with federal law (Title IX) through the enforcement of District policies that address sexual and gender-based harassment, discrimination, intimidation, and bullying. These District policies are: Student Conduct (BP 5131); Bullying (BP 5131.2); Non-discrimination/Harassment (BP 5145.3); Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment (BP 5145.7); Hate Motivated Behavior (BP 5145.9); and Married/Pregnant/Parenting Students (BP 5146). 

    The OEE has the responsibility of following and enforcing the District’s Administrative Regulations (AR 5145.3); (AR 5145.7); and (AR 5145.71), which details how complaints of harassment, discrimination, intimidation, and bullying are investigated and addressed. The OEE is responsible for investigating all Title IX complaints. 

    The OEE provides technical assistance, training, and education to District personnel, students and parents regarding Title IX concerns. 

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