• AR Reader
    Accelerated Reader (AR) is a web-based tool used to monitor and manage students' reading practice. Students' reading comprehension is assessed. Students then read books of their choice within their reading comfort level. The more students practice reading, the more accomplished they become! After reading a book, the student takes an online quiz about the book's content. 
    Most of our libraries have color coded dots on the book spines to help students quickly locate books in their reading levels:
    School library staff who are just beginning to label their collections may want to use Library Services' easy directions. Training and/or assistance is available upon request. 
    AR quizzes are available for more than 130,000 books. Students can quiz only at their school sites but the books can come from the school library, home, the public library and teachers' classroom libraries. Not every book has a quiz but many do. And just because a book doesn't have an AR quiz, doesn't mean it shouldn't be read!

    AR Book Find

    The full catalog of AR quizzes is searchable at AR Book Find.
    WCCUSD's Renaissance Learning link is https://global-zone20.renaissance-go.com/welcomeportal/282313. Students and teachers access Renaissance programs through the Clever Portal where no additional login is needed. During Distance Learning, students can access materials from home.
    Please check the Frequently Asked Questions padlet for quick answers regarding Accelerated Reader and/or STAR Reading. Questions can also be emailed to ARhelp@wccusd.net.  
     updated 3/10/2021